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  • 1 氧化物

    Compounds come from elements combined with oxygen. One kind of element can form several kinds of oxides in different combinations. Oxides are mainly alkaline oxides, acid oxides and gender oxides, as well as mixed oxides.
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    【医】 oxide; oxydum
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    oxid; oxide
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    yang3 hua4 wu4
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    yǎng huà wù
    oxide; oxyde; oxidizing material; oxidate
    氧化物半导体 oxide semiconductor;
    氧化物边界剖面图 {半} oxide-edge profile;
    氧化物玻璃半导体 oxide glass semiconductor;
    氧化物薄膜(金属线) sull;
    氧化物纯化法 {电子} oxide passivation;
    氧化物磁心 oxide core;
    氧化物电解 oxide electrolysis;
    氧化物法 conventional ceramic technique;
    氧化物封闭扩散 {半} oxide-sealed diffusion;
    氧化物覆盖 {半} oxide coating;
    氧化物隔离 {半} oxide isolation;
    氧化物感应反应 {半} oxide-induced inversion;
    氧化物核燃料 oxide nuclear fuel;
    氧化物厚度的干涉测量 {半} interference oxide-thickness measurement;
    氧化物极化 {半} oxide polarization;
    氧化物耐火材料 oxide refractories;
    氧化物烧结阴极 sintered oxide-coated cathode;
    氧化物湿敏电阻器 oxide humidity-dependent resistor;
    氧化物陶瓷 oxide ceramics;
    氧化物涂覆阴极 {电} oxide-coated cathode;
    氧化物掩蔽 {半} oxide masking;
    氧化物掩蔽的多层生长 {半} oxide-masked multi-layer growth;
    氧化物掩膜平面晶体管 oxide masked planar transistor;
    氧化物阴极 oxide-coated cathode; oxide cathode;
    氧化物阴极中毒 poisoning of oxide cathode;
    氧化物源 {半} oxide source
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    氧化物|氧化物 [yǎng huà wù] oxide

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