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  • 1 一次性

    once only (without a second time), disposable;one-off
    * * *
    yi1 ci4 xing4
    one-off (offer), one-time, single-use, disposable (goods)
    * * *
    yī cì xìng
    一次性费用 nonrecurring charge;
    一次性付款 lump-sum payment;
    一次性尿布 disposable diaper;
    一次性使用物品 one-off;
    一次性收入 lump-sum income;
    一次性削价 a bargain sale; sale
    * * *
    一次性|一次性 [yī cì xìng] one-off (offer) one-time single-use disposable (goods)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一次性

  • 2 disposable

    [+ lighter, nappy, razor] 一次性的 [yīcìxìng de]

    * disposable income — 可支配的收入

    Chinese-English dictionary > disposable

  • 3 lump sum

    n; c
    一次性付的钱 [yīcìxìng fù de qián]

    Chinese-English dictionary > lump sum

  • 4 one-off

    [wʌn'ɔf] 1. (esp BRIT); adj
    一次性的 [yīcìxìng de]
    2. n; c; ( inf)
    一次性事件 [yīcìxìng shìjiàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > one-off

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