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x greave

  • 1 ocrea

        ocrea ae, f    a greave, leggin (of metal, to protect the legs): leves, V.: sinistrum crus ocreā tectum, L.: ocreas vendente puellā, i. e. the accoutrement of a gladiator, Iu.
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    greave, leg-covering

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  • 2 cnemis

    greave; end of verse

    Latin-English dictionary > cnemis

  • 3 cnemis

    cnēmis, īdis, f., = knêmis, a greave; fig. of the end of the verse, Mall. Theod. Metr. 4, 12.

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  • 4 Ocrea

    ō̆crĕa, ae, f. [okris, a prominence], x greave or leggin (made of mixed metal, and used to protect the legs of foot-soldiers, and also of hunters and country people;

    it was sometimes worn only on one leg): ocrea, quod opponebatur ob crus,

    Varr. L. L. 5, § 118 Müll.: ocrem montem confragosum dicebant antiqui. Hinc ocreae dictae inaequaliter tuberatae, Paul. ex Fest. p. 180 Müll.:

    ocreas et cristas invenere Cares,

    Plin. 7, 56, 57, § 200:


    Verg. A. 7, 634. —The Samnites wore a greave only on the left leg:

    sinistrum crus ocreā tectum,

    Liv. 9, 4 (cf. Sil. 8, 419).—Worn by heavy-armed Romans on the right leg, Veg. Mil. 1, 20.— Worn by hunters;

    v. ocreatus.—By rustics,

    Verg. M. 121:

    ocreas vendente puellā,

    i. e. parting with the attire of a gladiator, Juv. 6, 258.
    Ocrĕa, ae, m., a Roman surname:

    C. Luscius Ocrea,

    Cic. Rosc. Com. 14, 43.

    Lewis & Short latin dictionary > Ocrea

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