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  • Wally — (a nickname for Walter or Wallace), can refer to:People* Wally Hayward, South African ultra distance running legend. * Wally Lewis, Australian rugby league footballer. * Wally Parks, A founder of the National Hot Rod Association. * Wally Phillips …   Wikipedia

  • Wally — steht für: Bildnis Wally (Schiele), ein Ölgemälde der Walburga Neuzil (Wally) von Egon Schiele La Wally, eine Oper von Alfredo Catalani Wally Yachts, eine Werft mit Sitz in Monte Carlo, Monaco Wally ist der Vorname folgender Personen: Wally… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Wally — m English: informal pet form of WALTER (SEE Walter) or, less commonly, of WALLACE (SEE Wallace). It has dropped almost completely out of fashion, especially since the slang word wally is used in Britain for a stupid or incompetent person …   First names dictionary

  • wally — ► NOUN (pl. wallies) Brit. informal ▪ a silly or inept person. ORIGIN perhaps a shortened form of the given name Walter: the use possibly arose from an incident at a 1960s pop festival when a Wally became separated from his companions, his name… …   English terms dictionary

  • wally — term of admiration, Scottish, early 16c., of unknown origin. As a masc. proper name, a dim. of WALTER (Cf. Walter), and this might be the source of the teen slang term unfashionable person (1969) …   Etymology dictionary

  • wally — wally1 [wā′lē] adj. [< ? ME wal, choice: see WALE2] Scot. 1. fine; first rate 2. large, strong, or robust 3. pleasing; agreeable wally2 [wä′lē] n. pl. wallies [ …   English World dictionary

  • wally — UK [ˈwɒlɪ] / US [ˈwɑlɪ] noun [countable] Word forms wally : singular wally plural wallies British informal a silly person Don t be such a wally! …   English dictionary

  • Wally — Cet article concerne le chanteur. Pour le fabricant de yachts, voir Wally (yachts). Wally est un artiste chanteur et parolier français. Il est originaire de l Aveyron et a fait son succès grâce ce qu il appelle les chansons courtes . Ce sont de… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Wally — noun A diminutive of the male given names Walter and Wallace. Mr. Szalla is my eighty two year old father, Nikki. Please call me Wally …   Wiktionary

  • Wally — Walli, Wally Kurzform von → Valerie (Bedeutung: der Kräftige, Starke, angelehnt an ein altrömisches Geschlecht) und → Walburg (Bedeutungszusammensetzung aus: »herrschen« und »Schutz«) …   Deutsch namen

  • wally — wal|ly [ˈwɔli US ˈwa: ] n plural wallies BrE informal someone who behaves in a silly way ▪ Stop being such a wally! …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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