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  • Verificationism — is the view that a statement or question is only legitimate if there is some way to determine whether the statement is true or false, or what the answer to the question is. It is a view mostly closely associated with the logical positivists of… …   Wikipedia

  • Verificationism — an epistemic theory of truth based on the idea that the mind engages in a certain kind of activity: verifying a proposition. The distinctive claim of verificationism is that the result of such verifications is, by definition, truth. That is,… …   Mini philosophy glossary

  • verificationism — noun Belief in the verification principle. See Also: verificationist …   Wiktionary

  • verificationism — See Vienna Circle …   Dictionary of sociology

  • verificationism — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Верификационнзм в философии — (verificationism), теория, согласно к рой истинность или ложность теоретич. положений науки может быть подтверждена только опытным путем. В. одно из осн. понятий логических позитивистов (логический позитивизм); на него значит, влияние оказала… …   Народы и культуры

  • Falsifiability — Are all swans white? Falsifiability or refutability of an assertion, hypothesis or theory is the logical possibility that it can be contradicted by an observation or the outcome of a physical experiment. That something is falsifiable does not… …   Wikipedia

  • Logical positivism — (also known as logical empiricism, scientific philosophy, and neo positivism) is a philosophy that combines empiricism the idea that observational evidence is indispensable for knowledge with a version of rationalism incorporating mathematical… …   Wikipedia

  • Demarcation problem — The demarcation problem (or boundary problem[1]) in the philosophy of science is about how and where to draw the lines around science. The boundaries are commonly drawn between science and non science, between science and pseudoscience, between… …   Wikipedia

  • Epistemic theories of truth — In philosophy, epistemic theories of truth are attempts to analyze the notion of truth in terms of epistemic notions such as knowledge, belief, acceptance, verification, justification, and perspective. A variety of such conceptions can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Linguistic meaning — See also Meaning (linguistics). Linguistic meaning is the content carried by the words or signs exchanged by people when communicating through language. Restated, the communication of meaning is the purpose and function of language. A… …   Wikipedia

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