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  • 1 understatement

    understatement under∙state∙ment noun 1. a statement that makes sth seem less important, impressive, serious, etc. than it really is • 保守的说法;不充分的敍述:
    »To say we were pleased is an understatement (= we were extremely pleased).
    »ˈThese figures are a bit disappointing.ˈ ˈThatˈs got to be the understatement of the year.ˈ
    "这些数字有点令人失望。" "那一定是本年度最保守的说法了。"
    2. the practice of making things seem less impressive, important, serious, etc. than they really are • 淡化;低调说法:
    »typical English understatement
    »He always goes for subtlety and understatement in his movies.
    【OPP】 [u]overstatement
    * * *
    n. 保守的陳述, 掩飾

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  • 2 understatement

    noun It's an understatement to say he's foolish - he's quite mad.) 陳述

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  • 3 understatement


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  • 4 understatement

    n; c / u
    轻描淡写的陈述 [qīng miáo dàn xiě de chénshù]

    English-Chinese new dictionary > understatement

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