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  • trein — trein, e, treing obs. ff. treen a …   Useful english dictionary

  • De Trein van zes uur tien — Directed by Frank Ketelaar Written by Frank Ketelaar, Joost Prinsen Release date(s) May 5, 1999 Country …   Wikipedia

  • train*/*/*/ — [treɪn] noun [C] I 1) a group of railway vehicles that are connected and pulled by an engine a freight/passenger train[/ex] We travelled across China by train.[/ex] I met her on a train to Glasgow.[/ex] More and more people got on the crowded… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • trainer — [ˈtreɪnə] noun [C] 1) someone whose job is to teach people skills, or to help people to practise a sport 2) someone whose job is to train animals …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • trainers — [ˈtreɪnəz] noun [plural] a type of comfortable shoe that you wear in informal situations or for doing sport …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • train — /treɪn / (say trayn) noun 1. Railways a. a set of carriages or wagons, whether self propelled or connected to a locomotive. b. such a series without any motive power. c. a railway locomotive. 2. a line or procession of persons, vehicles, etc.,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • train oil — /ˈtreɪn ɔɪl/ (say trayn oyl) noun oil obtained by boiling, from the blubber of whales, or from seals, fishes, etc. {train, earlier trane oil (extracted or made to exude; apparently special use of Middle Low German trān tear, drop) + oil} …   Australian English dictionary

  • train smash — /ˈtreɪn smæʃ/ (say trayn smash) noun Colloquial a savoury dish hastily concocted from such ingredients as eggs, sausages, onions, beans, etc., with tomatoes or tomato sauce …   Australian English dictionary

  • train station — /ˈtreɪn steɪʃən/ (say trayn stayshuhn) noun 1. one of a series of regular stopping places for a train along a railway line. 2. the building or buildings at such a stopping place. Also, railway station …   Australian English dictionary

  • train surfing — /ˈtreɪn sɜfɪŋ/ (say trayn serfing) noun Colloquial the practice of standing on top of a moving railway carriage and imitating the pose of a surfboard rider. –train surfer, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • train tracks — /ˈtreɪn træks/ (say trayn traks) plural noun the tracks on which a train runs. Also, railway tracks …   Australian English dictionary

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