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to support by voucher

  • 1 to support by voucher

    to support by voucher
    comprovar com documentos.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > to support by voucher

  • 2 voucher

    Gutschein, der; Voucher, der (Tourismus)
    * * *
    noun (a piece of paper which confirms that a sum of money has been, or will be, paid: a sales voucher.) der Beleg
    * * *
    [ˈvaʊtʃəʳ, AM -ɚ]
    1. AUS, BRIT (coupon) Gutschein m, Voucher m
    cash \voucher Bargeldgutschein m
    gift \voucher Geschenkgutschein m
    luncheon \voucher Essensmarke f
    school \voucher AM öffentliche Mittel, die in Amerika bereitgestellt werden, damit Eltern ihre Kinder in Privatschulen schicken können
    2. (receipt) Buchungsbeleg m, Beleg m, Quittung f
    * * *
    1) (for cash, petrol, meals etc) Gutschein m
    2) (= receipt) Beleg m; (for debt) Schuldschein m
    * * *
    1. a) Zeuge m, Zeugin f
    b) Bürge m, Bürgin f
    2. Unterlage f, Dokument n:
    support by voucher dokumentarisch belegen
    3. (Rechnungs)Beleg m, Belegschein m, -zettel m, Quittung f
    4. Gutschein m, Bon m
    * * *
    Gutschein, der; Voucher, der (Tourismus)
    * * *
    Beleg -e m.
    Bon -s m.
    Buchungsbeleg m.
    Coupon -s m.
    Gutsschein m.

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  • 3 voucher

    noun (a piece of paper which confirms that a sum of money has been, or will be, paid: a sales voucher.) potrdilo
    * * *
    porok, garant; priča; spričevalo, listina, dokument; pričevanje; jamstvo; dokaz; pobotnica, potrdilo, dokazilo; bon; vstopnica
    hotel voucher — bon za hotel, ki je bil kupljen npr. v potovalni agenciji in ki dokazuje vnaprejšnje plačilo

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  • 4 voucher

    noun (a piece of paper which confirms that a sum of money has been, or will be, paid: a sales voucher.) garantia
    * * *
    [v'autʃə] n 1 responsável, fiador. 2 testemunho, comprovante, prova. 3 recibo, certificado, certidão. 4 vale, ticket. • vt 1 estabelecer a autenticidade de, comprovar. 2 dar recibo, certificado ou comprovante. to support by voucher comprovar com documentos.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > voucher

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