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to slaughter for themselves

  • 1 slaughter

    ['slo:tə] 1. noun
    1) (the killing of people or animals in large numbers, cruelly and usually unnecessarily: Many people protested at the annual slaughter of seals.) σφαγή
    2) (the killing of animals for food: Methods of slaughter must be humane.) σφαγή
    2. verb
    1) (to kill (animals) for food: Thousands of cattle are slaughtered here every year.) σφάζω
    2) (to kill in a cruel manner, especially in large numbers.) σφαγιάζω
    3) (to criticize unmercifully or defeat very thoroughly: Our team absolutely slaughtered the other side.) κατακρεουργώ/κάνω με τα κρεμμυδάκια

    English-Greek dictionary > slaughter

  • 2 speak for itself/themselves

    (to have an obvious meaning; not to need explaining: The facts speak for themselves.) μιλάει από μόνο του

    English-Greek dictionary > speak for itself/themselves

  • 3 themselves

    1) (used as the object of a verb or preposition when people, animals etc are the object of actions they perform: They hurt themselves; They looked at themselves in the mirror.) τον εαυτό τους, τους εαυτούς τους
    2) (used to emphasize they, them or the names of people, animals etc: They themselves did nothing wrong.) (αυτοί) οι ίδιοι
    3) (without help etc: They decided to do it themselves.) μόνοι τους

    English-Greek dictionary > themselves

  • 4 slaughter-house

    noun (a place where animals are killed in order to be sold for food; an abattoir.) σφαγείο

    English-Greek dictionary > slaughter-house

  • 5 Slaughter

    P. and V. σφαγή, ἡ. V. πρόσφαγμα τό.
    Murder: P. and V. φόνος, ὁ, Ar. and V. φοναί, αἱ.
    v. trans.
    P. and V. σφάζειν, φονεύειν; see Kill, Murder.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Slaughter

  • 6 Themselves

    See under They.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Themselves

  • 7 slaughter

    1) πελεκώ
    2) σφαγή

    English-Greek new dictionary > slaughter

  • 8 ally

    1. verb
    (to join by political agreement, marriage, friendship etc: Small countries must ally themselves with larger countries in order to survive.) συμμαχώ
    2. noun
    (a state, person etc allied with another: The two countries were allies at that time.) σύμμαχος
    - allied

    English-Greek dictionary > ally

  • 9 amuse

    1) (to make (someone) laugh: I was amused at the monkey's antics.) διασκεδάζω
    2) (to interest or give pleasure to (for a time): They amused themselves playing cards.) ψυχαγωγώ
    - amusing
    - amusingly

    English-Greek dictionary > amuse

  • 10 anorexia

    ((also anorexia nervosa [-ne:(r)'vousə]) an abnormal fear of being fat that makes people, especially girls and young women, starve themselves: She suffers from anorexia and refuses to eat.) νευρική ανορεξία
    - anorectic

    English-Greek dictionary > anorexia

  • 11 black

    [blæk] 1. adjective
    1) (of the colour in which these words are printed: black paint.) μαύρος
    2) (without light: a black night; The night was black and starless.) σκοτεινός
    3) (dirty: Your hands are black!; black hands from lifting coal.) βρώμικος
    4) (without milk: black coffee.) χωρίς γάλα, `σκέτος` (πχ. για καφέ)
    5) (evil: black magic.) μαύρος
    6) ((often offensive: currently acceptable in the United States, South Africa etc) Negro, of African, West Indian descent.) νέγρος
    7) ((especially South Africa) coloured; of mixed descent (increasingly used by people of mixed descent to refer to themselves).) έγχρωμος
    2. noun
    1) (the colour in which these words are printed: Black and white are opposites.) μαύρο (χρώμα)
    2) (something (eg paint) black in colour: I've used up all the black.) μαύρο χρώμα
    3) ((often with capital: often offensive: currently acceptable in the United states, South Africa etc) a Negro; a person of African, West Indian etc descent.) νέγρος
    3. verb
    (to make black.) μαυρίζω
    - blacken
    - black art/magic
    - blackbird
    - blackboard
    - black box
    - the Black Death
    - black eye
    - blackhead
    - blacklist
    4. verb
    (to put (a person etc) on such a list.) γράφω στο μαύρο κατάστιχο, προγράφω
    5. noun
    (the act of blackmailing: money got by blackmail.) εκβιασμός
    - Black Maria
    - black market
    - black marketeer
    - blackout
    - black sheep
    - blacksmith
    - black and blue
    - black out
    - in black and white

    English-Greek dictionary > black

  • 12 booty

    (goods taken from eg an enemy by force (especially in wartime): The soldiers shared the booty among themselves; the burglars' booty.) λάφυρα, μπάζα

    English-Greek dictionary > booty

  • 13 buffet

    I 1. noun
    (a blow with the hand or fist: a buffet on the side of the head.) χτύπημα
    2. verb
    1) (to strike with the fist.) γρονθοκοπώ
    2) (to knock about: The boat was buffeted by the waves.) κοπανώ
    II 1. ['bufei, ]( American[) bə'fei] noun
    1) (a refreshment bar, especially in a railway station or on a train etc: We'll get some coffee at the buffet.) κυλικείο
    2) (a (usually cold) meal set out on tables from which people help themselves.) μπουφές
    2. adjective
    a buffet supper.) με, σε μπουφέ

    English-Greek dictionary > buffet

  • 14 carnage

    (the slaughter of great numbers of people: the carnage of war.) μακελειό

    English-Greek dictionary > carnage

  • 15 chatter

    [' ætə] 1. verb
    1) (to talk quickly and noisily about unimportant things: The children chattered among themselves.) φλυαρώ
    2) ((of teeth) to knock together with the cold etc: teeth chattering with terror.) (δόντια) χτυπώ (από κρύο)
    2. noun
    (rapid, noisy talk: childish chatter.) φλυαρία

    English-Greek dictionary > chatter

  • 16 condition

    [kən'diʃən] 1. noun
    1) (state or circumstances in which a person or thing is: The house is not in good condition; He is in no condition to leave hospital; under ideal conditions; living conditions; variable conditions.)
    2) (something that must happen or be done before some other thing happens or is done; a term or requirement in an agreement: It was a condition of his going that he should pay his own expenses; That is one of the conditions in the agreement.)
    2. verb
    1) (to affect or control: behaviour conditioned by circumstances.) επηρεάζω
    2) (to put into the required state: The footballers trained hard in order to condition themselves for the match.) προετοιμάζω-ομαι
    - conditionally
    - conditioner
    - on condition that

    English-Greek dictionary > condition

  • 17 corn

    I [ko:n] noun
    1) (the seeds of cereal plants, especially (in Britain) wheat, or (in North America) maize.) σιτηρά
    2) ((American grain) the plants themselves: a field of corn.) σιτηρά
    - corned beef
    - cornflakes
    - cornflour
    - cornflower
    II [ko:n] noun
    (a little bump of hard skin found on the foot: I have a corn on my little toe.) κάλος

    English-Greek dictionary > corn

  • 18 fan

    I 1. [fæn] noun
    1) (a flat instrument held in the hand and waved to direct a current of air across the face in hot weather: Ladies used to carry fans to keep themselves cool.) βεντάλια
    2) (a mechanical instrument causing a current of air: He has had a fan fitted in the kitchen for extracting smells.) εξαεριστήρας,ανεμιστήρας
    2. verb
    1) (to cool (as if) with a fan: She sat in the corner, fanning herself.) κάνω αέρα
    2) (to increase or strengthen (a fire) by directing air towards it with a fan etc: They fanned the fire until it burst into flames.) φυσώ
    II [fæn] noun
    (an enthusiastic admirer of a sport, hobby or well-known person: I'm a great fan of his; football fans; ( also adjective) fan mail/letters (= letters etc sent by admirers).) οπαδός,θαυμαστής

    English-Greek dictionary > fan

  • 19 form

    I 1. [fo:m] noun
    1) ((a) shape; outward appearance: He saw a strange form in the darkness.) μορφή,σχήμα
    2) (a kind, type or variety: What form of ceremony usually takes place when someone gets a promotion?) είδος,τύπος
    3) (a document containing certain questions, the answers to which must be written on it: an application form.) έντυπο
    4) (a fixed way of doing things: forms and ceremonies.) τύπος,εθιμοτυπία
    5) (a school class: He is in the sixth form.) τάξη
    2. verb
    1) (to make; to cause to take shape: They decided to form a drama group.) σχηματίζω
    2) (to come into existence; to take shape: An idea slowly formed in his mind.) σχηματίζομαι
    3) (to organize or arrange (oneself or other people) into a particular order: The women formed (themselves) into three groups.) συγκροτώ
    4) (to be; to make up: These lectures form part of the medical course.) αποτελώ
    - be in good form
    - in the form of
    II [fo:m] noun
    (a long, usually wooden seat: The children were sitting on forms.) μακρόστενος πάγκος

    English-Greek dictionary > form

  • 20 harem

    1) (the part of a Muslim house occupied by the women.) χαρέμι
    2) (the women themselves.) χαρέμι

    English-Greek dictionary > harem

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