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  • fit*/*/*/ — [fɪt] (past tense and past participle fitted) verb I 1) [I/T] to be small enough or the right size and shape to go somewhere, or to manage to put someone or something in a space I don t think that box will fit.[/ex] The book is small enough to… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • Fit-fit — is an Eritrean and Ethiopian food typically served for breakfast (though it can be served with other meals). It is generally made with tesmi and sometimes also with berbere , in which case it is called fir fir . In some cases various oils or… …   Wikipedia

  • fit — n Fit, attack, access, accession, paroxysm, spasm, convulsion are comparable when they denote a sudden seizure or spell resulting from an abnormal condition of body or mind. The last three are too specific in their technical medical senses to be… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • fit — fit1 [fit] vt. fitted or fit, fitting [ME fitten < ? or akin ? to ON fitja, to knit, tie ends of thread, akin to OHG fizza, skein of thread, ult. < IE * pedyo , fetter, lit., of the foot < base * ped , FOOT] 1. to be suitable or adapted… …   English World dictionary

  • Fit (Unternehmen) — fit GmbH Unternehmensform GmbH Gründung 1993 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Fit GmbH — Unternehmensform GmbH Gründung 1993 …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • fit (Unternehmen) — fit GmbH Rechtsform GmbH Gründung 1993 Sitz …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • fit — Ⅰ. fit [1] ► ADJECTIVE (fitter, fittest) 1) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. 2) in good health, especially through regular physical exercise. 3) (fit to do) informal on the point of doing. 4) …   English terms dictionary

  • Fit — and FIT have several meanings.Fit can refer to: * Physical fitness, how well a person is suited for physical tasks. * Fitness (biology), how capable a being is at successfully passing on its genes. * tantrum * seizure, or any other sudden… …   Wikipedia

  • Fit am Ball Africa — ist ein „Dribbel Spendenrekord“ und Deutschlands größtes wissenschaftliches Projekt zur Förderung des Schulsports. Ziel war es bis zur Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2010 in Südafrika am 11. Juni 2010 eine Spendensumme von 1 Million Euro zu erdribbeln …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Fit for Life — is a diet and lifestyle, stemming from the principles in Natural Hygiene, promoted by the American writers Harvey Diamond and Marilyn Diamond. As the title of the 1985 book suggests, Fit for Life claims that one can lose excess body weight and… …   Wikipedia

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