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to conclude

  • 1 ratiōcinor

        ratiōcinor ātus, ārī, dep.    [ratio], to reckon, compute, calculate: ratiocinandi utilitas: de pecuniā.— To reason, argue, infer, conclude: quid in similibus rebus fieri soleat: inter se: recte.
    * * *
    ratiocinari, ratiocinatus sum V DEP
    compute, calculate; argue, infer, conclude

    Latin-English dictionary > ratiōcinor

  • 2 terminō

        terminō āvī, ātus, āre    [terminus], to set bounds, mark off by boundaries, bound, limit: praetores terminare iussi, quā, etc., i. e. to bound their jurisdiction, L.: finīs imperi caeli regionibus: fana, L.: stomachus palato extremo atque intimo terminatur, ends in: imperium Oceano, famam astris, V.—Fig., to limit, set limits, circumscribe, bound: isdem finibus gloriam, quibus vitam: ea (lingua) vocem terminat: campos oculis, i. e. reach the limits of, L.— To limit, define, determine: bona voluptate, mala dolore.— To set bounds, close, finish, end, terminate: clausulas longā syllabā: ut pariter extrema terminentur.
    * * *
    terminare, terminavi, terminatus V
    mark the boundaries of, form the boundaries of; restrict; conclude

    Latin-English dictionary > terminō

  • 3 peroro

    perorare, peroravi, peroratus V
    deliver the final part of a speech, conclude

    Latin-English dictionary > peroro

  • 4 coniecto

    to throw together, infer, guess, conclude.

    Latin-English dictionary of medieval > coniecto

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