Translation: from spanish

to be bad at something

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  • bad-mouth something — bad mouth (someone/something) to say unpleasant things about someone or something, especially in order to spoil other people s opinions of them. She s always bad mouthing her colleagues. Bad mouthing the police is hardly an original occupation …   New idioms dictionary

  • feel bad (about something) — phrase to feel guilty or unhappy about something Tim felt bad about leaving without saying goodbye. Thesaurus: to be, or to become ashamed or embarrassedsynonym Main entry: bad …   Useful english dictionary

  • every bit as bad (as something) — every bit as good, bad, etc. (as sb/sth) idiom just as good, bad, etc; equally good, bad, etc • Rome is every bit as beautiful as Paris. • He s every bit as clever as she is. Main entry: ↑b …   Useful english dictionary

  • bad — [[t]bæ̱d[/t]] ♦ worse, worst 1) ADJ GRADED Something that is bad is unpleasant, harmful, or undesirable. The bad weather conditions prevented the plane from landing... We have been going through a bad time... I ve had a bad day at work... Divorce …   English dictionary

  • bad — I UK [bæd] / US adjective Word forms bad : adjective bad comparative worse UK [wɜː(r)s] / US [wɜrs] superlative worst UK [wɜː(r)st] / US [wɜrst] *** 1) not pleasant or enjoyable The weather was really bad – it rained all week. She was feeling… …   English dictionary

  • Something Positive — logo, Mr. Personality. Author(s) R. K. Milholland Website http:/ …   Wikipedia

  • bad — 1 Bad, evil, ill, wicked, naughty are comparable when they mean not meeting with the approval of the ethical consciousness. Bad is a very general term and applies to anyone or anything reprehensible, for whatever reason and to whatever degree… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • bad - badly — ◊ bad Something that is bad is unpleasant, harmful, or undesirable. I have some very bad news. Candy is bad for your teeth. The weather was bad. The comparative and superlative forms of bad are …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bad Boys (1995 film) — Bad Boys Directed by Michael Bay Produced by Don Simpson Jerry Bruckheimer …   Wikipedia

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (novel) — Something Wicked This Way Comes   …   Wikipedia

  • Bad World Tour — von Michael Jackson Präsentationsalbum Bad Anfang …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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