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  • thingamajig — also thingumajig, 1824, see THING (Cf. thing) …   Etymology dictionary

  • thingamajig — or thingumajig [thiŋ′ə məjig΄] n. [extension of older thingum,THING1] Informal any device, contrivance, gadget, etc.: jocular substitute for a name not known or temporarily forgotten …   English World dictionary

  • thingamajig — thingy UK [ˈθɪŋɪ] / US or thingamabob UK [ˈθɪŋəmɪˌbɒb] / US [ˈθɪŋəməˌbɑb] or thingamajig UK [ˈθɪŋəmɪˌdʒɪɡ] / US [ˈθɪŋəməˌdʒɪɡ] or thingummy UK [ˈθɪŋəmɪ] / US noun Word forms thingy : singular thingy plural thingies Word forms thingamabob : Word… …   English dictionary

  • thingamajig — thing|a|ma|jig [ˈθıŋəmıdʒıg] n also thing|a|ma bob [ˈθıŋəmıbɔb US ba:b]thing|y [ˈθıŋi] spoken [Date: 1800 1900; Origin: thingum thingamajig (17 19 centuries), from thing] 1.) used when you cannot remember or do not know the name of the thing you… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • thingamajig — noun Something that one does not know the name of. He used this, this... this thingamajig you saw him with the other day to fix the problem. Syn: gizmo, jobbyjobber, whatchamacallit, whatshumacallit, thing, thingamabob, thingy, hoobajoob, d …   Wiktionary

  • thingamajig — A term that can be applied to something you ve forgotten...also a candy bar in the US, I think... Pass me that, um, you know, that thingamajig over there...the grey one …   Dictionary of american slang

  • thingamajig — also, thingy noun (C) spoken used when you cannot remember or do not know the name of the person or thing you want to mention: Have you got the thingamajig for opening the wine? | Is thingy coming tonight, you know, that bloke with …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • thingamajig — AND thingy [“0irj3mad3ig AND “Girji] n. a gadget for which the proper name has been forgotten or is unknown. □ Hand me that thingamajig with the copper base, will you? □ What’re ya supposed to do with this thingy? …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • thingamajig — or thingumajig noun Etymology: alteration of earlier thingum, from thing Date: 1828 something that is hard to classify or whose name is unknown or forgotten …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • thingamajig — /thing euh meuh jig /, n. Informal. a gadget or other thing for which the speaker does not know or has forgotten the name. Also, thingumajig. [1870 75; thingum or thingummy + JIG1, metrically patterned like GOBBLEDYGOOK, RIGAMAROLE; thingum perh …   Universalium

  • thingamajig — Canadian Slang The word you use as a substitute for the name of something you have forgotten or don t know …   English dialects glossary

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