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  • 121 jönprömiye

    theat. (male) juvenile lead.

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  • 122 kendi

    "1. self, oneself. 2. own. 3. he; she. 4. in person. -leri 1. themselves. 2. he; she. -m myself. -minki mine. -miz ourselves. -si 1. herself; himself. 2. he; she. -ni ağır satmak to agree to something only after repeated requests. - ağzıyla tutulmak to be proved a liar by one´s own words. -ni alamamak /dan/ not to be able to refrain from, be unable to stop oneself from. - âleminde olmak to keep to oneself; to live in a world of one´s own. -ni alıştırmak /a/ to make oneself get used to. -ni ateşe atmak to court trouble. -ni atmak /a/ to go immediately to, rush to (a place). -ne bağlamak /ı/ to captivate. - başına 1. of one´s own accord. 2. without anyone´s help, single-handedly. -ni beğenmek to be conceited. -ni beğenmiş conceited, arrogant. -ni bırakmak to neglect oneself, let oneself go. -ni bilen/bilir upright and honorable (person). -ni bilmek 1. to be in one´s right mind. 2. to comport oneself properly. 3. (for a person) to have grown up, have reached maturity. -ni bir şey sanmak to give oneself airs, think one is something. -ni (bir yerde) bulmak to find that one has arrived at (a place). -ni bulmak to develop a personality of one´s own. - çalıp kendi oynuyor. colloq. He makes a big fuss about something, but when people want to help him he spurns their aid. - çapında according to his own standards, according to his own way of thinking. -ne çeki düzen vermek 1. to tidy oneself up. 2. to put one´s life and affairs in order. - çıkarı için for his own benefit. -ni dar atmak /a/ to manage to reach (a place) in the nick of time. - derdine düşmek to be completely taken up with one´s own troubles. -ni dev aynasında görmek to overrate oneself vastly. -ni dinlemek to be a hypochondriac. -ni dirhem dirhem satmak to make a great show of reluctance. - düşen ağlamaz. proverb If you get yourself into trouble then you´ve no right to complain. - eliyle himself, with his own hand. -ne etmek to harm oneself. -ni fasulye gibi nimetten saymak to overrate oneself vastly. -nden geçme psych. trance. -nden geçmek 1. to be transported by joy, be ecstatic. 2. to faint. -ne gel. colloq. 1. Come to your senses! 2. Pull yourself together! - gelen that comes one´s way by chance. -ne gelmek 1. to regain consciousness, come to. 2. to pull oneself together, regain one´s self-control. - göbeğini kendi kesmek colloq. to do it all on one´s own, do it without getting help from anybody. -ni göstermek to prove one´s worth. - gözündeki merteği görmez, elin gözündeki çöpü görür. colloq. He doesn´t see the beam in his own eye, but he sees the mote in the eye of another person. -ne güvenme self-confidence, self-reliance. - halinde 1. quiet and innoffensive, innocuous (person). 2. simple-minded. - haline bırakmak /ı/ to leave (someone) to his own devices; to let (a thing) take care of itself. - havasına gitmek/- havasında olmak to do what strikes one´s fancy. -ni hissettirmek to make one´s/its presence felt. -ni iyice vermek /a/ to concentrate (on). -ni kapıp koyuvermek 1. to cease to take an interest in oneself, let oneself go. 2. /a/ to lose oneself in (a project). -ni kaptırmak /a/ 1. to let oneself get carried away (by). 2. to become wholly absorbed in. -ni kaybetmek 1. to lose consciousness. 2. to go into a towering rage. - kendine 1. on one´s own responsibility; of one´s own accord. 2. alone, by oneself, without help. 3. to oneself. 4. theat. as an aside. - kendine gelin güvey olmak to count one´s chickens before they´re hatched, build castles in Spain. - kendini yemek to eat one´s heart out, worry oneself to death. - kendine yeterli self-reliant and self-sufficient. -ne kıymak to commit suicide. - kuyusunu kendi kazmak to dig one´s own grave, be the cause of one´s own downfall. -si muhtac-ı himmet bir dede. (Nerde kaldı geriye himmet ede.) colloq. You can´t expect any help from him since he´s in need of help himself. -ni naza çekmek to make a great show of reluctance. -nde olmamak not to kno

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  • 123 kondüvit

    ,-ti theat. callboy.

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  • 124 kostüm

    1. (man´s two or three-piece) suit. 2. theat. costume.

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  • 125 mizansen

    1. theat. directing, direction. 2. cin. staging.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > mizansen

  • 126 perde

    1. curtain, drape, drapery. 2. movie screen, screen. 3. theat. (an) act (of a play). 4. mus. pitch. 5. mus. fret (of a stringed instrument). 6. web, webbing (between the toes of some birds). 7. colloq. cataract (in the eye). -lerini açmak (for a theater) to begin a new season. -ye aktarmak /ı/ to make (a novel, story, play) into a motion picture. - arası intermission (during a theatrical performance). - arkası the hidden side of a matter. - arkasında/arkasından secretly, surreptitiously, behind the scenes, backstage. - ayaklı web-footed (bird). - çekmek /a/ to curtain off (something unsightly), hide (something) from view with a curtain. - inmek /a/ colloq. for a cataract to develop in (one´s eye). - perde by degrees, gradually. -si yırtık/sıyrık shameless, brazen (person).

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  • 127 piyes

    theat. (a) play.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > piyes

  • 128 ramp

    ,-pı theat. proscenium, forestage, apron. - ışıkları footlights.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > ramp

  • 129 reji

    1. formerly the Regie, the Turkish Tobacco Monopoly. 2. theat., cin. directing, direction.

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  • 130 rejisör

    theat., cin. director.

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  • 131 rejisörlük

    "theat., cin. being a director; directing."

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  • 132 replik

    1. theat. rejoinder, answer to a reply. 2. theat. cue. 3. law replication.

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  • 133 revü

    theat. 1. revue, review. 2. group of performers who put on a revue.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > revü

  • 134 sahne

    1. stage (of a theater, auditorium). 2. theat., cin. scene (one part of an act, one episode in a movie). 3. setting (for an event). - eşyası theat. properties, props. -ye koyan theat. director, stage director, Brit. producer. -ye koymak /ı/ 1. to stage, put on (a play). 2. to direct (a play). - olmak /a/ (for a place) to be the scene of (an event), be the setting for (an event).

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > sahne

  • 135 suflör

    theat. prompter.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > suflör

  • 136 suflörlük

    theat. prompting.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > suflörlük

  • 137 tablo

    1. painting, picture. 2. large, detailed plan (hung on a wall). 3. table: çarpım tablosu multiplication table, times table. 4. view, panorama, picture. 5. striking description. 6. instrument panel, instrument board (of a machine). 7. theat. scene acted out in one setting.

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  • 138 tipleme

    theat. typecasting.

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  • 139 tirat

    theat. long declamatory speech.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > tirat

  • 140 tiyatro

    1. theater, playhouse. 2. theater, drama as an art. 3. theat. repertory company. 4. theater, plays, dramatic literature, repertoire. 5. play, drama.

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > tiyatro

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