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the Colchian

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  • Colchian culture — (circa 1200 to 600 BC) is a late Bronze Age and Iron Age culture of the western Caucasus, mostly in western Georgia. It was partially succeeded by the Koban culture in northern and central Caucasus. It is named after the ancient geographic region …   Wikipedia

  • Outline of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire — Edward Gibbon (1737–1794) This is an outline of the six volume work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, authored by the celebrated English historian Edward Gibbon (1737–1794). It also includes a Gibbon chronology …   Wikipedia

  • History of the Caucasus — The history of the Caucasus region can be divided into the history of the Northern Caucasus (Ciscaucasia), historically in the sphere of influence of Scythia and Southern Russia (Eastern Europe), and that of the Southern Caucasus (Transcaucasia;… …   Wikipedia

  • Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests — The Euxine Colchic deciduous forests ecoregion, in the Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests Biome, is located along the southern shore of the Black Sea. The ecoregion extends along the thin coastal strip from the southeastern corner of Bulgaria… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Chechnya — The History of Chechnya refers to the history of Chechens, Chechnya, and the land of Ichkeria. Chechen society has traditionally been organized around many autonomous local clans, called taips. The traditional Chechen saying goes that the members …   Wikipedia

  • List of Greek mythological creatures — The following is a list of creatures from Greek mythology. The list does not include gods and other divine and semi divine figures; for these, see List of Greek mythological figures. Contents 1 Mythical monsters 2 Mythical hybrids 3 Mythical… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Abkhazia — The article refers to the history of Republic of Abkhazia (or Abchasia [Dictionary of Byzantine History (1991) p. 3] ). Prehistoric settlement Lower Paleolithic hunting gathering encampments formed the first known settlements on the territory of… …   Wikipedia

  • Zygii — The Zygii (also known as polytonic|Ζυγοί, Zygoi, Zygi or Zygians) has been described by the ancient Greek intellectual Strabo as a nation to the north of Colchis.He wrote: And on the sea lies the Asiatic side of the Bosporus, or the Syndic… …   Wikipedia

  • Phasians — The Phasians (Phasiani, or Phasianoi; el. Φαστανοζ) were a subdivision of the Colchian tribes located in the eastern part of Pontus. The Greek commander Xenophon, who encountered them during his march through Asia Minor to the Black Sea (401 400… …   Wikipedia

  • Koban culture — The Koban culture (ca. 1100 to 400 BC) is a late Bronze Age and Iron Age culture of the northern and central Caucasus. It is preceded by the Colchian culture of the western Caucasus.It is named after the village of Koban, Northern Ossetia, where… …   Wikipedia

  • Colchis — History of Georgia This article is part of a series Prehistory …   Wikipedia

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