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  • Projects working for peace among Arabs and Israelis — Sign in front of the Galil school, a joint Arab Jewish primary school in Israel …   Wikipedia

  • Term-based architecture — In Knowledge Management, term based architecture is a methodology for structuring a knowledge base in such a way that it remains clear and uncluttered as it scales. The premise is that, for any technical subject, the most basic and imperative… …   Wikipedia

  • Future projects of the MTR — Several future projects on the MTR have been put forward by the MTR Corporation to the Hong Kong Government, with some already under construction. With the rail merger with the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation in 2007, the combined network… …   Wikipedia

  • Engineering Projects — ▪ 1995 Introduction BRIDGES        Notable Engineering Projects(For Notable Engineering Projects in work, see Table (Notable Engineering Projects).)       As the decade of the 1990s reached its midpoint, the limits to bridge design were being… …   Universalium

  • Metropolitan Area Projects Plan 3 — The Metropolitan Area Projects Plan 3, or MAPS3, is a $777 million public works and redevelopment project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma funded by a temporary voter approved sales tax increase. History Following the passage of the Metropolitan Area… …   Wikipedia

  • List of development hell projects — This is a list of non movie projects considered to be in Development hell.AlbumsLimp Bizkit The Unquestionable Truth (Part 2)Originally, the band began working on the album directly after finishing The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1), with Fred… …   Wikipedia

  • List of artificial intelligence projects — The following is a list of current and past notable artificial intelligence projects.* [ a2i2 (Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Inc.)] , a private for profit venture to develop general artificial intelligence for… …   Wikipedia

  • Office of the Federal Coordinator, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects — The Office of the Federal Coordinator, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects is an independent agency of the U.S. government. Congress created the Office in the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act of 2004.[1] The intent of that law is to help… …   Wikipedia

  • List of computer term etymologies — This is a list of the origins of computer related terms or terms used in the computing world (i.e., a list of computer term etymologies). It relates to both computer hardware and computer software. Names of many computer terms, especially… …   Wikipedia

  • Short-term mission — A short term mission (STM) is the mobilization of a Christian missionary for a short period of time ranging from days to a year; many short term missions are called mission trips. The short term missionary is a fairly recent innovation in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — ▪ United States government Introduction , also called (1958–72 and 1993–96)  Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)        U.S. government agency created in 1958 to facilitate research in technology with potential military applications. Most of …   Universalium

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