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  • tapers — noun ; thin candles used for lighting other candles …   Wiktionary

  • tapers — ta·per || teɪpÉ™(r) n. slender candle; gradual lessening of width v. gradually decrease in width or thickness at one end; diminish gradually; make thinner at one end; cause to diminish gradually adj. gradually decreasing in width or thickness …   English contemporary dictionary

  • tapers — 1) prates 2) repast …   Anagrams dictionary

  • Philadelphia Tapers — The Philadelphia Tapers were an American amateur and professional basketball team. Originally the New York Tapers, the team played in the NABL and was sponsored by Technical Tape Corporation, makers of Tuck brand adhesive and recording tapes.… …   Wikipedia

  • New York Tapers — The Philadelphia Tapers were originally the New York Tapers, an NABL club team sponsored by the Tuck Tape Company. They were a top AAU club team in the 1950 s featuring many former collegiate stars and pro players. In 1960, Tuck Tape owner Paul… …   Wikipedia

  • Fishing rod tapers — describe how much a fishing rod bends or flexes under pressure. Different tapers are used for different fishing scenarios as well as for personal preference. ActionThe action of a taper is described by the flex of the tip of a rod when pressure… …   Wikipedia

  • Set (Tapers) — The number of back beams required to make one weaver s beam, or one warp, is termed a set. The average number of ends on a beam as received from the spinner is about 500, thus in a warp requiring 3,000 ends there will be 6 taper s beams at the… …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • Machine taper — A machine taper is a system for securing cutting bits and other accessories to a machine tool s spindle. Contents 1 Explanation 2 Use 3 Types 3.1 Morse 3.1.1 …   Wikipedia

  • Ceremonial use of lights — Religious services often make use of a combination of light and darkness. The ceremonial use of lights is found in the practice of many religions. Candles are extremely common and other forms of light, whether fire or other, are also used.… …   Wikipedia

  • Geologic time scale — This clock representation shows some of the major units of geological time and definitive events of Earth history. The Hadean eon represents the time before fossil record of life on Earth; its upper boundary is now regarded as 4.0 Ga.[1] Other… …   Wikipedia

  • Multitaper — Comparions of periodogram (black) and multitaper estimate (red) of a single trial local field potential measurement. This estimate used 9 tapers. In signal processing, the multitaper method is a technique developed by David J. Thomson to estimate …   Wikipedia

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