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  • 1 den

    barlang, tanya, odú, dolgozószoba
    * * *
    1) (the home of a wild beast: a lion's den.) barlang
    2) (a private room for working in etc.) dolgozószoba

    English-Hungarian dictionary > den

  • 2 farm

    tanya, kisbirtok, gazdaság, farm, major to farm: tartásra ad, bérbe vesz, gazdálkodik, bérbe ad
    * * *
    1. noun
    1) (an area of land, including buildings, used for growing crops, breeding and keeping cows, sheep, pigs etc: Much of England is good agricultural land and there are many farms.) farm, gazdaság
    2) (the farmer's house and the buildings near it in such a place: We visited the farm; ( also adjective) a farm kitchen.) farm(épületek)
    2. verb
    (to cultivate (the land) in order to grow crops, breed and keep animals etc: He farms (5,000 acres) in the south.) (meg)művel; gazdálkodik
    - farming
    - farmhouse
    - farmyard

    English-Hungarian dictionary > farm

  • 3 haunt

    tanya, odú, törzshely, tartózkodási hely to haunt: kísért, gyakran látogat, frekventál
    * * *
    [ho:nt] 1. verb
    1) ((of a ghost) to inhabit: A ghost is said to haunt this house.) kísért
    2) ((of an unpleasant memory) to keep coming back into the mind of: Her look of misery haunts me.) kísért
    3) (to visit very often: He haunts that café.) gyakran látogat
    2. noun
    (a place one often visits: This is one of my favourite haunts.) törzshely

    English-Hungarian dictionary > haunt

  • 4 homestead

    * * *
    noun (a house, especially a farm, with the land and other buildings (eg barns) which belong to it, especially in the United States, Australia etc.) farm, tanya

    English-Hungarian dictionary > homestead

  • 5 lie

    vacok, tanya, fekvés, helyzet to lie: hever, fekszik, horgonyoz, hazudik, vesztegel
    * * *
    I 1. noun
    (a false statement made with the intention of deceiving: It would be a lie to say I knew, because I didn't.) hazugság
    2. verb
    (to say etc something which is not true, with the intention of deceiving: There's no point in asking her - she'll just lie about it.) hazudik
    II present participle - lying; verb
    1) (to be in or take a more or less flat position: She went into the bedroom and lay on the bed; The book was lying in the hall.) fekszik
    2) (to be situated; to be in a particular place etc: The farm lay three miles from the sea; His interest lies in farming.) fekszik
    3) (to remain in a certain state: The shop is lying empty now.) (üresen) áll
    4) ((with in) (of feelings, impressions etc) to be caused by or contained in: His charm lies in his honesty.) (vmiben) van
    - lie down
    - lie in
    - lie in wait for
    - lie in wait
    - lie low
    - lie with
    - take lying down

    English-Hungarian dictionary > lie

  • 6 wick

    bélfonalszövet, -falu, tupfer, -tanya, kis öböl
    * * *
    (the twisted threads of cotton etc in a candle, lamp etc, which draw up the oil or wax into the flame.) kanóc

    English-Hungarian dictionary > wick

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