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takeoff run available

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  • takeoff run available — The distance from the point on the surface of the aerodrome at which the airplane can commence its takeoff run to the farthest point in the direction of takeoff at which the surface of the aerodrome is capable of bearing the weight of the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • landing distance available — i. (LDA) As it pertains to fixed wing aircraft, it is the distance from the point on the surface of the airport above which the airplane can be deemed to commence its landing to the nearest point in the direction of landing at which the surface… …   Aviation dictionary

  • accelerate-stop distance available — The runway length required for an aircraft to accelerate to a specified speed and, then, in the case of an engine failure, be able to stop safely on the runway. It is equal to the length of the takeoff run available plus the length of the stopway …   Aviation dictionary

  • Rejected takeoff — A rejected takeoff or RTO (more commonly known outside aviation jargon as an aborted takeoff) is the situation in which it is decided to abort the takeoff of an airplane. There can be many reasons for deciding to perform a rejected takeoff, but… …   Wikipedia

  • Runway — This article is about the aircraft take off and landing area. For other uses, see Runway (disambiguation). Landing strip redirects here. For the pubic hairstyle, see Bikini waxing. RWY redirects here. For the audio/video connectors, see RCA… …   Wikipedia

  • declared distances — The distances calculated and published for each runway direction of an airport based on aircraft characteristics, safety requirements, and the airport environment. The declared distances pertain to takeoff run available (TORA), takeoff distance… …   Aviation dictionary

  • clearway — A defined rectangular area on the ground or in the water at the end of a runway in the direction of takeoff and under the control of the competent authority. It has been selected or prepared as a suitable area over which an aircraft may make a… …   Aviation dictionary

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  • Dortmund Airport 21 — Flughafen Dortmund …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • EDLW — Flughafen Dortmund …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Flughafen Dortmund — Flughafen Dortmund …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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