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  • 1 呼吸

    breathe; respire; wind, breath; breathing
    * * *
    atman; breath; breathe; breathing; respiration; respire; wind
    【化】 respiration
    【医】 anapnea; breath; breathing; pneo-; pneuma-; pneumato-; pneumo-
    pneusometer; R.; respiration; respire; spiro-
    相关词组: 腹式呼吸
    * * *
    breath; breathe; breathing; halitus; respiration; respire; wind
    * * *
    n. breathing, respiration
    v. breathe, respire
    * * *
    hu1 xi1
    to breathe
    * * *
    hū xī
    (生物体同外界进行气体交换) breathe; respire:
    出去呼吸新鲜空气 go out for a breath of fresh air;
    用鼻孔(嘴)呼吸 breathe through the nostrils (mouth);
    我又能像个自由人一样呼吸了。 Once again I breathed as a free man.
    breath; breathing; pneusis; anapnea; anapnoea; aspiration; respiration:
    屏住呼吸 bate (catch; hold) one's breath;
    口对口呼吸 mouth-to-mouth respiration;
    人工呼吸 artificial respiration;
    他的呼吸迟缓而困难。 His breathing is laboured.
    呼吸瓣 breathing valve;
    呼吸不足 hypopnea;
    呼吸尘 respiration dust;
    呼吸促迫 cinclisis; tachypnea;
    呼吸蛋白质 respiratory protein;
    呼吸道 respiratory tract; pneogaster;
    呼吸防护 respiratory protection;
    呼吸分析器 breathalyser; breathalyzer;
    呼吸高峰 respiratory climacteric;
    呼吸根 pneumathodium; aerating root;
    呼吸功能试验 respiratory function test;
    呼吸管 respiratory siphon; siphon table; respiratory tube;
    呼吸过度 hyperpnea;
    呼吸过敏 respiratory hypersensitivity;
    呼吸缓慢 slow respiration;
    呼吸急促 tachypnea; ecphysesis; polypnea;
    呼吸计 respirometer;
    呼吸计量法 respirometry;
    呼吸间断 anaerosis;
    呼吸角 pneustocera; respiratory trumpet;
    呼吸痉挛 respiratory spasm;
    呼吸孔 spiracle; pneumostome;
    呼吸链 respiratory chain;
    呼吸率 respiratory rate;
    呼吸麻痹 respiratory paralysis;
    呼吸面罩 breathing mask;
    呼吸酶 respiratory enzyme; atmungsferment;
    呼吸描记器 spirograph; pneumograph; biograph; pneumography;
    呼吸描记图 pneumatogram; pneumogram; spirogram;
    呼吸器 simbal; rebreather; aerophore; respirator;
    呼吸器官 respiratory organ;
    呼吸气活门 breathing valve;
    呼吸气量测定器 pneumonometer;
    呼吸气压速度描记器 anapnograph;
    呼吸群 breath-group;
    呼吸热 respiratory heat;
    呼吸塞 breather plug;
    呼吸色素 respiratory pigment;
    呼吸商 respiratory quotient;
    呼吸衰竭 respiratory failure;
    呼吸速度描记器 pneumotachograph;
    呼吸速度描记图 pneumotachogram;
    呼吸速率 respiratory rate;
    呼吸损耗 breathing loss;
    呼吸体操箱 domicilium;
    呼吸调节中枢 pneumotaxic center; pneumotaxic respiratory center;
    呼吸停止 respiratory arrest;
    呼吸突变期 climacteric;
    呼吸系统 respiratory system; systema respiratorium;
    呼吸系统疾病 respiratory system disease;
    呼吸效率 efficiency of respiratory;
    呼吸徐缓 bradypnoea; bradypnea;
    呼吸学 pneumatology;
    呼吸叶 respiratorium;
    呼吸抑制剂 respiration inhibitor;
    呼吸抑制中枢 respiratory depress center;
    呼吸跃变期 climacteric;
    呼吸运动 respiratory movement;
    呼吸运动学 respirometry;
    呼吸暂停 apnea; apnoea;
    呼吸正常 eupnea;
    呼吸中枢 respiratory center;
    呼吸周期 respiratory cycle;
    呼吸组织 respiratory tissue;
    呼吸作用 respiration
    * * *
    呼吸|呼吸 [hū xī] to breathe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 呼吸

  • 2 呼吸急促

    【医】 ecphysesis; polypnea; tachypnea

    Chinese-English dictionary > 呼吸急促

  • 3 神经性呼吸急促

    【医】 nervous tachypnea

    Chinese-English dictionary > 神经性呼吸急促

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