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  • tachyonic — See tachyon. * * * …   Universalium

  • tachyonic — adjective a) Of or relating to a tachyon or tachyons. b) Moving or capable of moving faster than the speed of light …   Wiktionary

  • Tachyonic antitelephone — The tachyonic antitelephone is a hypothetical device in theoretical physics that can be used to send signals into one s own past. Such a device was first contemplated by R. C. Tolman in 1917 [R. C. Tolman, The theory of the Relativity of Motion …   Wikipedia

  • Tachyon — A tachyon (from the Greek polytonic|ταχυόνιον, takhyónion , from polytonic|ταχύς, takhýs , i.e. swift, fast) is any hypothetical particle that travels at faster than light speed. The first description of tachyons is attributed to German physicist …   Wikipedia

  • Tachyon condensation — In physics, tachyon condensation is a process in which a tachyonic field mdash;usually a scalar field mdash;with a negative squared mass acquires a vacuum expectation value and reaches the minimum of the potential energy. While the field is… …   Wikipedia

  • Neutrino — For other uses, see Neutrino (disambiguation). Neutrino/Antineutrino The first use of a hydrogen bubble chamber to detect neutrinos, on November 13, 1970. A neutrino hit a proton in a hydrogen atom. The collision occurred at the point where three …   Wikipedia

  • Экзотическая материя — Экзотическая материя  понятие физики элементарных частиц, описывающее любое (как правило, гипотетическое) вещество, которое нарушает одно или несколько классических условий, либо не состоит из известных барионов. Подобные вещества могут… …   Википедия

  • Roxy Music — Infobox musical artist Name = Roxy Music Img capt = From left to right: Thompson, Manzanera, Ferry, and Mackay Roxy Music, 2001–present Img size = Background = group or band Origin = London, England Genre = Art rock Glam rock Pop rock prog rock… …   Wikipedia

  • Special relativity — (SR) (also known as the special theory of relativity or STR) is the physical theory of measurement in inertial frames of reference proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein (after considerable contributions of Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincaré) in the …   Wikipedia

  • Alcubierre drive — The Alcubierre metric, also known as the Alcubierre drive or Warp Drive, is a speculative mathematical model of a spacetime exhibiting features reminiscent of the fictional warp drive from Star Trek , which can travel Faster than light (although… …   Wikipedia

  • Exotic matter — In physics, exotic matter is a term which refers to matter which would somehow deviate from the norm and have exotic properties. There are several uses of the term. Hypothetical particles which have exotic physical properties that would violate… …   Wikipedia

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