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support technician

  • 1 support

    [sə'po:t] 1. verb
    1) (to bear the weight of, or hold upright, in place etc: That chair won't support him / his weight; He limped home, supported by a friend on either side of him.) išlaikyti, palaikyti, paremti
    2) (to give help, or approval to: He has always supported our cause; His family supported him in his decision.) remti
    3) (to provide evidence for the truth of: New discoveries have been made that support his theory; The second witness supported the statement of the first one.) paremti
    4) (to supply with the means of living: He has a wife and four children to support.) išlaikyti
    2. noun
    1) (the act of supporting or state of being supported: That type of shoe doesn't give the foot much support; The plan was cancelled because of lack of support; Her job is the family's only means of support; I would like to say a word or two in support of his proposal.) atrama, parama, pritarimas
    2) (something that supports: One of the supports of the bridge collapsed.) atrama
    - supporting

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > support

  • 2 technician

    noun (a person who has been trained to do something which involves some skill, eg with a piece of machinery: One of our technicians will repair the machine.) technikas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > technician

  • 3 arch

    1. noun
    1) (the top part of a door etc or a support for a roof etc which is built in the shape of a curve.) arka, skliautas
    2) (a monument which is shaped like an arch: the Marble Arch in London.) arka
    3) (anything that is like an arch in shape: The rainbow formed an arch in the sky.) lankas
    4) (the raised part of the sole of the foot.) keltis
    2. verb
    (to (cause to) be in the shape of an arch: The cat arched its back.) (iš)riesti
    - archway

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > arch

  • 4 back

    [bæk] 1. noun
    1) (in man, the part of the body from the neck to the bottom of the spine: She lay on her back.) nugara
    2) (in animals, the upper part of the body: She put the saddle on the horse's back.) nugara
    3) (that part of anything opposite to or furthest from the front: the back of the house; She sat at the back of the hall.) užpakalis, galas
    4) (in football, hockey etc a player who plays behind the forwards.) gynėjas
    2. adjective
    (of or at the back: the back door.) užpakalinis
    3. adverb
    1) (to, or at, the place or person from which a person or thing came: I went back to the shop; He gave the car back to its owner.) atgal
    2) (away (from something); not near (something): Move back! Let the ambulance get to the injured man; Keep back from me or I'll hit you!) tolyn, šalin
    3) (towards the back (of something): Sit back in your chair.) arti atramos
    4) (in return; in response to: When the teacher is scolding you, don't answer back.) atsilygindamas, atsikirsdamas, atgal
    5) (to, or in, the past: Think back to your childhood.) į praeitį, praeityje
    4. verb
    1) (to (cause to) move backwards: He backed (his car) out of the garage.) eiti/važiuoti atbulom, varyti atgal
    2) (to help or support: Will you back me against the others?) palaikyti, remti
    3) (to bet or gamble on: I backed your horse to win.) lažintis, statyti sumą
    - backbite
    - backbiting
    - backbone
    - backbreaking
    - backdate
    - backfire
    - background
    - backhand
    5. adverb
    (using backhand: She played the stroke backhand; She writes backhand.) iš kairės, pakrypusia rašysena
    - back-number
    - backpack
    - backpacking: go backpacking
    - backpacker
    - backside
    - backslash
    - backstroke
    - backup
    - backwash
    - backwater
    - backyard
    - back down
    - back of
    - back on to
    - back out
    - back up
    - have one's back to the wall
    - put someone's back up
    - take a back seat

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > back

  • 5 back up

    1) (to support or encourage: The new evidence backed up my arguments.) paremti
    2) (to make a copy of the information stored on the computer or disk.) daryti rezervinę/atsarginę kopiją

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > back up

  • 6 backbone

    1) (the spine: the backbone of a fish.) nugarkaulis
    2) (the chief support: The older employees are the backbone of the industry.) pagrindinis ramstis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > backbone

  • 7 base

    I 1. [beis] noun
    1) (the foundation, support, or lowest part (of something), or the surface on which something is standing: the base of the statue; the base of the triangle; the base of the tree.) pagrindas
    2) (the main ingredient of a mixture: This paint has oil as a base.) pagrindinis komponentas
    3) (a headquarters, starting-point etc: an army base.) bazė, būstinė
    2. verb
    ((often with on) to use as a foundation, starting-point etc: I base my opinion on evidence; Our group was based in Paris.) grįsti, bazuotis, telktis
    II [beis] adjective
    (wicked or worthless: base desires.) žemas, niekingas
    - baseness

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > base

  • 8 bear

    I [beə] past tense - bore; verb
    1) ((usually with cannot, could not etc) to put up with or endure: I couldn't bear it if he left.) pakelti, išlaikyti
    2) (to be able to support: Will the table bear my weight?) išlaikyti
    3) ((past participle in passive born [bo:n]) to produce (children): She has borne (him) several children; She was born on July 7.) (pa)gimdyti
    4) (to carry: He was borne shoulder-high after his victory.) nešti
    5) (to have: The cheque bore his signature.) turėti
    6) (to turn or fork: The road bears left here.) (pa)sukti, suktis, šakotis, atsišakoti
    - bearer
    - bearing
    - bearings
    - bear down on
    - bear fruit
    - bear out
    - bear up
    - bear with
    - find/get one's bearings
    - lose one's bearings
    II [beə] noun
    (a large heavy animal with thick fur and hooked claws.) meška

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > bear

  • 9 bear out

    (to support or confirm: This bears out what you said.) patvirtinti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > bear out

  • 10 behind

    1. preposition
    1) (at or towards the back of: behind the door.)
    2) (remaining after: The tourists left their litter behind them.) paskui, užpakaly
    3) (in support: We're right behind him on this point.)
    2. adverb
    1) (at the back: following behind.) iš paskos
    2) ((also behindhand [-hænd]) not up to date: behind with his work.) atsilikęs
    3) (remaining: He left his book behind; We stayed behind after the party.)
    3. noun
    (the buttocks: a smack on the behind.) užpakalis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > behind

  • 11 bracket

    ['brækit] 1. noun
    1) ((usually in plural) marks (eg (),, etc) used to group together one or more words etc.) skliausteliai
    2) (a support for a shelf etc: The shelf fell down because the brackets were not strong enough.) kronšteinas
    2. verb
    1) (to enclose (words etc) by brackets.) suskliausti
    2) ((sometimes with together) to group together (similar or equal people or things).) sugrupuoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > bracket

  • 12 bridge

    [bri‹] 1. noun
    1) (a structure carrying a road or railway over a river etc.) tiltas
    2) (the narrow raised platform for the captain of a ship.) kapitono tiltelis
    3) (the bony part (of the nose).) nosikaulis
    4) (the support of the strings of a violin etc.) tiltelis
    2. verb
    1) (to build a bridge over: They bridged the stream.) pastatyti tiltą per
    2) (to close a gap, pause etc: He bridged the awkward silence with a funny remark.) užpildyti (tarpą)

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > bridge

  • 13 buttress

    (a support built on to the outside of a wall.) atrama

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > buttress

  • 14 campaign

    [kæm'pein] 1. noun
    1) (the operations of an army while fighting in one area or for one purpose: the Burma campaign in the Second World War.) karo žygis, kampanija
    2) (a series of organized actions in support of a cause: a campaign against smoking.) kampanija, vajus
    2. verb
    (to take part in a campaign: He has campaigned against smoking for years.) vykdyti kampaniją, agituoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > campaign

  • 15 canvass

    (to go round (an area) asking (people) for (support, votes, custom etc): We're canvassing for the Conservative Party candidate.) agituoti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > canvass

  • 16 carry

    1) (to take from one place etc to another: She carried the child over the river; Flies carry disease.) (per)nešti, gabenti
    2) (to go from one place to another: Sound carries better over water.) sklisti
    3) (to support: These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building.) (iš)laikyti
    4) (to have or hold: This job carries great responsibility.) būti susijusiam
    5) (to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes: The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes.) priimti
    6) (to hold (oneself) in a certain way: He carries himself like a soldier.) laikytis

    ((slang) a fuss; excited behaviour.) nervingas elgesys, nereikalingas triukšmas

    ((of bags or cases) that passengers can carry with them on board a plane.) rankinis bagažas

    - carry-cot
    - be/get carried away
    - carry forward
    - carry off
    - carry on
    - carry out
    - carry weight

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > carry

  • 17 champion

    [' æmpiən] 1. noun
    1) (in games, competitions etc, a competitor who has defeated all others: this year's golf champion; ( also adjective) a champion boxer.) čempionas
    2) (a person who defends a cause: a champion of human rights.) gynėjas
    2. verb
    (to defend or support: He championed the cause of human rights for many years.) ginti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > champion

  • 18 column

    1) (a stone or wooden pillar used to support or adorn a building: the carved columns in the temple.) kolona
    2) (something similar in shape: a column of smoke.) stulpas
    3) (a vertical row (of numbers): He added up the column (of figures) to find the answer.) stulpelis
    4) (a vertical section of a page of print: a newspaper column.) skiltis
    5) (a section in a newspaper, often written regularly by a particular person: He writes a daily column about sport.) skyrelis laikraštyje
    6) (a long file of soldiers marching in short rows: a column of infantry.) kolona
    7) (a long line of vehicles etc, one behind the other.) vilkstinė

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > column

  • 19 come what may

    (whatever happens: I'll give you my support, come what may!) kas bus, tas bus

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > come what may

  • 20 committed

    adjective (pledged to do, or to support, something: He was committed to looking after his uncle; He is a committed socialist.) pareigingas, atsidavęs

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > committed

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