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support verb

  • 1 support

    പിന്‍താങ്ങല്‍, തുണയ്ക്കല്‍
    പിന്‍താങ്ങുക, തുണയ്ക്കുക

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  • support — ► VERB 1) bear all or part of the weight of. 2) give assistance, encouragement, or approval to. 3) be actively interested in (a sports team). 4) provide with a home and the necessities of life. 5) be capable of sustaining (life). 6) confirm or… …   English terms dictionary

  • support — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun 1 help and encouragement ADJECTIVE ▪ complete, full, total ▪ firm, solid, strong ▪ The candidate enjoys the firm support of local industry …   Collocations dictionary

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  • support — sup·port 1 vt 1 a: to promote the interests or cause of b: to uphold or defend as valid or right c: to argue or vote for 2: to provide with substantiation or corroboration support an alibi 3: to provide with the means …   Law dictionary

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