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  • 1 lapidātiō

        lapidātiō ōnis, f    [lapido], a throwing of stones, stoning: magna, fall of stones: lapidationes persaepe vidimus.

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  • 2 petō

        petō īvī and iī (perf. petīt, V., O; petīstī, C., V.; petīsse, C., O.; petīssem, C., L, O.), petītus, ere    [PET-], to strive for, seek, aim at, repair to, make for, travel to: summum locum, Cs.: maris oras: navīs, take refuge in, N.: Troia peteretur classibus, V.: caelum pennis, fly to, O.: Grais Phasi petite viris, visited by the Greeks, O.: ille Reginam petit, turns to, V.: campum petit amnis, V.: mons petit astra, rises to, O.— To fall upon, rush at, attack, assault, assail, fly at, aim at, thrust at: Indutiomarum, aim at, Cs.: cuius latus mucro ille petebat: non latus, sed caput, aim at: Tarquinium spiculo infeste, L.: Mālo me, throw an apple at, V.: cui petit ungue genas, O.: Vos turba saxis petens, stoning, H.—Fig., to attack, assail: me epistulā: uter ab utro petitus insidiis esset, L.— To demand, exact, require: ex iis tantum, quantum res petet, hauriemus: poenas ab optimo quoque sui doloris, i. e. exact satisfaction.—To demand at law, sue for, claim: unde petitur... qui petit, the defendant... the plaintiff, T.: qui per se litem contestatur, sibi soli petit: alienos fundos.— To beg, beseech, ask, request, desire, entreat: flentes pacem petere, Cs.: Curtio tribunatum a Caesare, ask for Curtius: a te pro Ligario, intercede with you for: reus ut absolvatur: a te, ut, etc.—Of office, to solicit, be a candidate: nemo est ex iis, qui nunc petunt, qui, etc.: ambitiose regnum, L.— To woo, court, solicit: ut viros saepius peteret quam peteretur, S.: illam, O.: virgo ad libidinem petita, L.— To pursue, seek, strive after, aim at: fugā salutem, Cs.: praedam pedibus, O.: gloriam, S.: eloquentiae principatum: bene vivere, H.: conubiis natam sociare Latinis, V.: ex hostium ducibus victoriam, over, L.: imperium ex victis hostibus, L.— To fetch, bring, elicit, obtain, wrest, draw: E flammā cibum, T.: custodem in vincula, V.: a litteris doloris oblivionem: latere petitus imo spiritus, H.: gemitūs alto de corde petiti, O.— To take, betake oneself to, repair to: alium cursum, take another route: aliam in partem fugam, betake themselves to flight, Cs.— To refer to, relate to: Troianos haec monstra petunt, V.
    * * *
    petere, petivi, petitus V
    attack; aim at; desire; beg, entreat, ask (for); reach towards, make for

    Latin-English dictionary > petō

  • 3 lapidatio

    lăpĭdātĭo, ōnis, f. [lapido], a throwing of stones, a stoning (class.).

    fit magna lapidatio,

    Cic. Verr. 2, 4, 43, § 95:


    id. de Or. 2, 47, 197; id. Dom. 6, 14; Aur. Vict. Vir. Ill. 73.—In plur.:

    lapidationes persaepe vidimus,

    Cic. Sest. 36, 77.—
    A shower of stones (post-class.):

    non diu lapidatione terruere Romanos,

    Flor. 3, 9, 6.— Transf., a hail-storm: grandinis lapidatio, Imp. Constant. Cod. 9, 18, 4.

    Lewis & Short latin dictionary > lapidatio

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