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  • 1 stick

    stick stick verb (stuck, stuck) ›› PUSH STH IN 推入 1. [+adv. / prep.] to push sth, usually a sharp object, into sth; to be pushed into sth • 将…刺入(或插入);刺;戳;插入: ▪ [VN]
    »The nurse stuck the needle into my arm.
    »Donˈt stick your fingers through the bars of the cage.
    ▪ [V]
    »I found a nail sticking in the tyre.
    ›› ATTACH 粘贴 2. [+adv. / prep.] to fix sth to sth else, usually with a sticky substance; to become fixed to sth in this way • 粘贴;粘住: ▪ [VN]
    »He stuck a stamp on the envelope.
    »We used glue to stick the broken pieces together.
    »I stuck the photos into an album.
    ▪ [V]
    »Her wet clothes were sticking to her body.
    »The glueˈs useless—the pieces just wonˈt stick.
    ›› PUT 放置 3. [VN +adv. / prep.] (informal) to put sth in a place, especially quickly or carelessly • (尤指迅速或随手)放置:
    »Stick your bags down there.
    »He stuck his hands in his pockets and strolled off.
    »Can you stick this on the noticeboard?
    »Peter stuck his head around the door and said, ˈCoffee, anyone?ˈ
    »(informal) Stick ˈem up! (= put your hands above your head—I have a gun)
    4. sb can stick sth (informal) ▪ [VN] • used to say in a rude and angry way that you are not interested in what sb has, offers, does, etc. • (无礼或生气地表示)对…不感兴趣:
    »I got sick of my bossˈs moaning and told him he could stick the job.
    ›› BECOME FIXED 卡住 5. [V] stick (in sth) to become fixed in six position and impossible to move • (在某物中)卡住,陷住,动不了 【SYN】 jam:
    »The key has stuck in the lock.
    »This drawer keeps sticking.
    ›› DIFFICULT SITUATION 困境 6. ( BrE, informal) (usually used in negative sentences and questions 通常用于否定句和疑问句) to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation or person • 容忍;忍受 【SYN】 stand: ▪ [VN]
    »I donˈt know how you stick that job.
    »The problem is, my mother canˈt stick my boyfriend.
    ▪ [V -ing]
    »John canˈt stick living with his parents.
    ›› BECOME ACCEPTED 被接受 7. [V] to become accepted • 被接受;被证明成立:
    »The police couldnˈt make the charges stick (= show them to be true).
    »His friends called him Bart and the name has stuck (= has become the name that everyone calls him).
    ›› IN CARD GAMES 纸牌游戏 8. [V] to not take any more cards • 不再要牌 --› see also stuck 【IDIOMS】 stick in your ˈmind (of a memory, an image, etc. 往事、形象等) • to be remembered for a long time • 经久不忘;铭记在心:
    »One of his paintings in particular sticks in my mind.
    stick in your ˈthroat / ˈcraw (informal) 1. (of words 话语) to be difficult or impossible to say • 难以启齿;说不出口 2. (of a situation 情况) to be difficult or impossible to accept; to make you angry • 难以接受;无法接受;令人气愤 stick your ˈneck out •(informal) to do or say sth when there is a risk that you may be wrong • 做不保险的事;说不保险的话;冒险 stick to your ˈguns •(informal) to refuse to change your mind about sth even when other people are trying to persuade you that you are wrong • 不听别人劝告;坚持己见;一意孤行 --› more at boot n., finger n., knife n., mile, mud, nose n., oar, sore adj., tell 【PHR V】 ˌstick aˈround (informal) • to stay in a place, waiting for sth to happen or for sb to arrive • 不走开;待在原地:
    »Stick around; weˈll need you to help us later.
    ˈstick at sth • to continue to work in a serious and determined way to achieve sth • 坚持不懈地做(某事);持之以恒;锲而不舍:
    »If you want to play an instrument well, youˈve got to stick at it.
    ˈstick by sb [no passive] • to be loyal to a person and support them, especially in a difficult situation • 坚持忠于;不离弃(某人) ˈstick by sth [no passive] • to do what you promised or planned to do • 信守,遵守,贯彻(承诺、计划等):
    »They stuck by their decision.
    ˌstick sth∽ˈdown (informal) • to write sth somewhere • 写下;记下:
    »I think Iˈll stick my name down on the list.
    ˌstick ˈout • to be noticeable or easily seen • 醒目;显眼;引人注目:
    »They wrote the notice in big red letters so that it would stick out.
    【SYN】 stand out ˌstick ˈout (of sth) | ˌstick sth∽ˈout (of sth) • to be further out than sth else or come through a hole; to push sth further out than sth else or through a hole • (使从某物中)伸出,探出,突出:
    »His ears stick out.
    »She stuck her tongue out at me.
    »Donˈt stick your arm out of the car window.
    ˌstick it / sth ˈout (informal) • to continue doing sth to the end, even when it is difficult or boring • 坚持到底;忍受下去:
    »She didnˈt like the course but she stuck it out to get the certificate.
    ˌstick ˈout for sth (informal) • to refuse to give up until you get what you need or want • 坚持要求;不得到…不罢休:
    »They are sticking out for a higher pay rise.
    ˈstick to sth 1. to continue doing sth despite difficulties • 坚持(做某事,不怕困难):
    »She finds it impossible to stick to a diet.
    2. to continue doing or using sth and not want to change it • 坚持;维持;固守;坚持保留:
    »He promised to help us and he stuck to his word (= he did as he had promised).
    »ˈShall we meet on Friday this week?ˈ ˈNo, letˈs stick to Saturday.ˈ
    "这个星期我们星期五见面怎么样?" "不,还是照旧在星期六吧。"
    »She stuck to her story.
    ˌstick toˈgether (informal) (of people 人) • to stay together and support each other • 团结在一起 ˌstick ˈup • to point upwards or be above a surface • 竖立;向上突出:
    »The branch was sticking up out of the water.
    ˌstick ˈup for sb / yourself / sth [no passive] • to support or defend sb / yourself / sth • 支持,扞衞(某人、自己、某事物):
    »Stick up for what you believe.
    »She taught her children to stick up for themselves at school.
    »Donˈt worry—Iˈll stick up for you.
    ˈstick with sb / sth [no passive] (informal) 1. to stay close to sb so that they can help you • 紧跟,不离开(某人,以便得到帮助) 2. to continue with sth or continue doing sth • 持续;坚持:
    »They decided to stick with their original plan.
    noun ›› FROM TREE 树木 1. a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been broken from a tree • 枝条;枯枝;柴火棍儿:
    »We collected dry sticks to start a fire.
    »The boys were throwing sticks and stones at the dog.
    »Her arms and legs were like sticks (= very thin).
    ›› FOR WALKING 走路 2. ( especially BrE) = walking stick:
    »The old lady leant on her stick as she talked.
    --› see also shooting stick, white stick ›› IN SPORT 体育运动 3. a long thin object that is used in some sports to hit or control the ball • 球棍:
    »a hockey stick
    ›› LONG THIN PIECE 条状物 4. (often in compounds 常构成复合词) a long thin piece of sth • 条状物;棍状物:
    »a stick of dynamite
    »carrot sticks
    --› see also French stick 5. (often in compounds 常构成复合词) a thin piece of wood or plastic that you use for a particular purpose • (木料或塑料制成的有特定用途的)棍,条,签:
    »pieces of pineapple on sticks
    --› see also chopstick, cocktail stick, drumstick, matchstick, yardstick ›› OF GLUE, ETC. 胶水等 6. a quantity of a substance, such as solid glue, that is sold in a small container with round ends and straight sides, and can be pushed further out of the container as it is used • 一管,一支(胶棒等) --› see also lipstick ›› IN PLANE / VEHICLE 飞机;车辆 7. (informal, especially NAmE) the control stick of a plane • (飞机的)操纵杆,驾驶杆 --› see also joystick 8. (informal, especially NAmE) a handle used to change the gears of a vehicle • (车辆的)变速杆,换挡杆 --› see also gear lever, stick shift ›› FOR ORCHESTRA 管弦乐队 9. a baton, used by the person who conducts an orchestra • 指挥棒 ›› CRITICISM 批评 10. ( BrE, informal) criticism or severe words • 批评;指责:
    »The referee got a lot of stick from the home fans.
    ›› COUNTRY AREAS 乡村地区 11. the sticks [pl.] (informal) country areas, a long way from cities • 边远乡村地区:
    »We live out in the sticks.
    ›› PERSON 人 12. (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) a person • 人;家伙:
    »Heˈs not such a bad old stick.
    【HELP】There are many other compounds ending in stick. You will find them at their place in the alphabet. • 以 stick 结尾的复合词还有很多,可在各字母中的适当位置查到。 --› more at [u]beat
    v., big adj., carrot, cleft adj., short adj., up v., wrong adj.
    * * *
    n. 棍, 棒, 手杖
    v. 粘住, 粘貼
    vt. 刺, 戳

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick

  • 2 stick-on

    stick-on ˈstick-on adj. [only before noun] • (of an object 物品) with glue on one side so that it sticks to sth • 一面带黏胶的:
    »stick-on labels
    * * *
    adj. 粘貼上去的

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick-on

  • 3 stick-up

    stick-up ˈstick-up noun (informal, especially NAmE) = hold-up (2):
    »This is a stick-up!
    * * *
    n. 持槍搶劫

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick-up

  • 4 stick

    I [stik] past tense, past participle - stuck; verb
    1) (to push (something sharp or pointed) into or through something: She stuck a pin through the papers to hold them together; Stop sticking your elbow into me!) 以(尖物)插入
    2) ((of something pointed) to be pushed into or through something: Two arrows were sticking in his back.) 刺,貫穿
    3) (to fasten or be fastened (by glue, gum etc): He licked the flap of the envelope and stuck it down; These labels don't stick very well; He stuck (the broken pieces of) the vase together again; His brothers used to call him Bonzo and the name has stuck.) 粘貼
    4) (to (cause to) become fixed and unable to move or progress: The car stuck in the mud; The cupboard door has stuck; I'll help you with your arithmetic if you're stuck.) 阻塞
    - sticky
    - stickily
    - stickiness
    - sticking-plaster
    - stick-in-the-mud
    - come to a sticky end
    - stick at
    - stick by
    - stick it out
    - stick out
    - stick one's neck out
    - stick to/with
    - stick together
    - stick up for
    II [stik] noun
    1) (a branch or twig from a tree: They were sent to find sticks for firewood.) 枝條
    2) (a long thin piece of wood etc shaped for a special purpose: She always walks with a stick nowadays; a walking-stick / hockey-stick; a drumstick.) 手杖,...棍
    3) (a long piece: a stick of rhubarb.)
    - get hold of the wrong end of the stick
    - get the wrong end of the stick

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > stick

  • 5 stick

    [stɪk] 1. (pt, pp - stuck); n; c
    1) [of wood] 枯枝 [kūzhī]
    2) (as weapon) 棍棒 [gùnbàng]
    3) (walking stick) 拐杖 [guǎizhàng]
    4) [of chalk, dynamite, celery] 条 [tiáo]
    2. vt

    * to stick sth on or to sth — (with glue etc) 将某物粘贴在某物上 [jiāng mǒuwù zhāntiē zài mǒuwù shang]


    * to stick sth in/through sth — ( inf) (put) 随手将某物戳进/放进某物中 [suíshǒu jiāng mǒuwù chuōjìn/fàngjìn mǒuwù zhōng]


    * to stick sth in or into sth — (push) 将某物刺入某物中 [jiāng mǒuwù cìrù mǒuwùzhōng]

    4) (BRIT: inf) (tolerate) 忍受 [rěnshòu]
    3. vi

    * to stick (to sth) — [+ stamp, sticker] 粘贴(在某物上) [zhántiē (zài mǒuwù shang)]

    2) [+ substance, paste] 粘在 [zhānzài]
    3) (remain) [+ name] 长久保留 [chángjiǔ bǎoliú]

    I nicknamed him "Rex", a name which stuck. — 我给他起了个外号叫Rex,一直叫到现在。

    4) (get jammed) [+ door, lift] 卡住 [kǎzhù]

    * to get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick — ( inf) 误解

    * to stick in one's mind — [+ thought etc] 铭记在某人的心中

    Phrasal Verbs:

    English-Chinese new dictionary > stick

  • 6 stick at

    (to persevere with (work etc): He must learn to stick at his job.) 堅持

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > stick at

  • 7 stick at

    v. 對...遲疑, 猶豫, 堅持, 努力做

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick at

  • 8 stick by

    v. 忠於

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick by

  • 9 stick in

    v. 在家

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick in

  • 10 stick it


    English-Chinese dictionary > stick it

  • 11 stick it on


    English-Chinese dictionary > stick it on

  • 12 stick on

    v. 保持在...之上, 貼上

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick on

  • 13 stick to

    v. 粘住

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick to

  • 14 stick up

    v. 豎起, 突起

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick up

  • 15 stick up to

    v. 抵抗, 抵制, <英方>向...求婚

    English-Chinese dictionary > stick up to

  • 16 stick up


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > stick up

  • 17 stick-up


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > stick-up

  • 18 stick


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > stick

  • 19 stick of T

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > stick of T

  • 20 stick


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > stick

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