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  • step-parent — /ˈstɛp pɛərənt/ (say step pairruhnt) noun a stepfather or stepmother …   Australian English dictionary

  • step-parent — The mother or father of a child born during a previous marriage of the other parent and hence, not the natural parent of such child …   Black's law dictionary

  • step-parent — see stepparent …   English dictionary

  • step-parent — noun a stepfather or stepmother …   English new terms dictionary

  • step-parent — n. a mother s or father s later husband or wife …   Useful english dictionary

  • parent — 1. noun you ll need the signed consent of a parent Syn: mother, father, birth/biological parent, progenitor; adoptive parent, foster parent, step parent, guardian; literary begetter 2. verb those who parent young children Syn: raise, bring up,… …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • Step- — [AS. ste[ o]p ; akin to OFries. stiap , stiep , D. & G. stief , OHG. stiuf , Icel. stj?p , Sw. styf , and to AS. [=a]st[=e]pan, [=a]ste[ o]pan, to deprive, bereave, as children of their parents, OHG. stiufen.] A prefix used before father, mother …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • step- — [step] prefix [: Old English; Origin: steop ] used to show that someone is related to you not by birth but because a parent has married again ▪ her stepdad ▪ the problems of stepfamilies …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • step- — [step] [ME < OE steop , orphaned (akin to Ger stief , ON stjup ) < base of stiepan, to bereave, prob. < IE * (s)teub , to strike (hence “cut off”) > STUMP, STEEP1: orig. used of orphaned children] combining form related through the… …   English World dictionary

  • step — n. movement made by lifting the foot and setting it down in another place; distance covered by moving one foot ahead of the other; short distance; stair; stage in a process v. move by lifting the foot and setting it down in another spot; walk;… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • step·par·ent — /ˈstɛpˌperənt/ noun, pl ents [count] : someone that your mother or father marries after the marriage to or relationship with your other parent has ended …   Useful english dictionary

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