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  • spinotectal — Passing upward from the spinal cord to the tectum. SYN: spinocollicular. * * * spi·no·tec·tal (spi″no tekґtəl) tectospinal …   Medical dictionary

  • spinotectal — spi·no·tectal …   English syllables

  • spinotectal — |spī(ˌ) nō+ adjective Etymology: spin + tectum + al : tectospinal …   Useful english dictionary

  • Spinotectal tract — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = t. spinotectalis GraySubject = 185 GrayPage = 762 Caption = Diagram showing a few of the connections of afferent (sensory) fibers of the posterior root with the efferent fibers from the ventral column and… …   Wikipedia

  • spinotectal tract — spi·no·tec·tal tract .spī nō .tek təl n an ascending tract of nerve fibers in each lateral funiculus of white matter of the spinal cord that passes upward and terminates in the superior colliculus of the opposite side * * * tractus spinotectalis …   Medical dictionary

  • spinotectal fibers — fibrae spinotectales …   Medical dictionary

  • Tectospinal tract — Diagram showing possible connection of long descending fibers from higher centers with the motor cells of the ventral column through association fibers. ( Tectospinal fasciculus labeled at center right.) …   Wikipedia

  • Corticospinal tract — Pyramidal tract redirects here. This page refers to the nerve fibres underlying the pyramids. For the actual area of the brain, Pyramids, see Pyramid of medulla oblongata. Brain: Corticospinal tract Deep dissection of brain stem. Lateral view. (… …   Wikipedia

  • tract — An elongated area, e.g., path, track, way. SEE ALSO: fascicle. SYN: tractus. [L. tractus, a drawing out] alimentary t. SYN: digestive t.. anterior corticospinal t. uncrossed fibers forming a small bundle in the anterior funiculus of the …   Medical dictionary

  • Posterior column-medial lemniscus pathway — Originating in peripheral sensory receptors, the posterior column medial lemniscus pathway transmits fine touch and conscious proprioceptive information to the brain. Latin via column …   Wikipedia

  • Medial lemniscus — Brain: Medial lemniscus The sensory tract. (Medial lemniscus labeled at center right.) Coronal …   Wikipedia

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