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  • smooth running — lėtoji eiga statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. smooth running vok. langsamer Gang, m rus. тихий ход, m pranc. marche ralentie, m …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • smooth-running — ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ adjective : that runs smoothly, frictionlessly, or efficiently smooth running machinery …   Useful english dictionary

  • smooth — smooth1 W3 [smu:ð] adj comparative smoother superlative smoothest ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(surface)¦ 2¦(happening without problems)¦ 3¦(movement)¦ 4¦(person)¦ 5¦(liquid mixture)¦ 6¦(sound)¦ 7¦(taste)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • smooth — Synonyms and related words: Ciceronian, Demosthenian, Demosthenic, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, Mickey Mouse, Tullian, accordant, acomous, acute, adipose, adulatory, agreeable, aid, align, alike, all jaw, allay, ameliorate, appease, arch,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • smooth — [[t]smu͟ːð[/t]] ♦♦♦ smoother, smoothest, smooths, smoothing, smoothed 1) ADJ GRADED A smooth surface has no roughness, lumps, or holes. ...a rich cream that keeps skin soft and smooth. ...a smooth surface such as glass... The flagstones beneath… …   English dictionary

  • smooth — 1 adjective 1 FLAT a smooth surface is completely flat and even: The stone steps had been worn smooth by centuries of visitors. opposite rough 1 (1) 2 SOFT skin or fur that is smooth is soft and pleasant to touch, and your hand moves easily over… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • running — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun 1 activity/sport ADJECTIVE ▪ cross country, fell (BrE) ▪ distance, long distance, marathon, middle distance RUNNING + NOUN …   Collocations dictionary

  • smooth — 1. adjective 1) the smooth flat rocks Syn: even, level, flat, plane; unwrinkled, featureless; glassy, glossy, silky, polished Ant: uneven, rough 2) his face was smooth …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • running — run|ning1 [ˈrʌnıŋ] n [U] 1.) the activity or sport of running →↑jogging ▪ Did you go running this morning? ▪ New facilities include a pool and a running track. ▪ running shoes 2.) the running of sth the process of managing or organizing a… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • running — 1. noun 1) his running was particularly fast Syn: sprinting, sprint, racing, jogging, jog 2) the running of the school Syn: administration, management, organization, coordination, orchestration, handling …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • running — 1. noun 1) the running of the school Syn: administration, management, organization, coordination, orchestration, handling, direction, control, supervision 2) the smooth running of her department Syn: operation …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

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