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sen bu işe girişme

  • 461 olmak

    ",-ur 1. to become, come to exist, come into being. 2. to happen, occur, be, take place. 3. to be (to have or occupy a place or position; to show a certain characteristic): Beşte orada olmalıyım. I ought to be there at five o´clock. Cesur olmalısın. You should be bold. 4. to have (used with possessives): Param olsaydı alırdım. If I´d had the money, I´d have bought it. Benim o semtte bir evim olmalı. I ought to have a house in that part of town. 5. (for time) to pass, elapse, be: Oraya gideli iki yıl oldu. It´s been two years since he went over there. 6. (for something) to be acceptable, be all right, be okay: Olur mu öyle? Can (something like) that be okay? Olur! Okay! Olmaz! No! 7. to ripen; (for food) to be cooked, be done. 8. /a/ (for an article of clothing) to fit. 9. /dan/ to lose, be deprived of: Canından oldu. He lost his life. Kumar yüzünden servetinden oldu. She lost her fortune by gambling. 10. to catch (a disease): Tifo oldu. He caught typhoid fever. 11. to undergo (something): Ameliyat oldu. He underwent an operation. Ahmet yarın imtihan olacak. Ahmet will take an exam tomorrow. 12. /a/ (for something) to be a source of (something) to (someone): Bu ilacın ona çok yararı oldu. This medicine has really helped her. 13. slang to get drunk: Sen bayağı oldun. You´re as drunk as a lord. Oldu. colloq. All right./OK./Very well./Agreed. -la beraber/birlikte although: Parlak bir zekâsı olmamakla beraber para kazanmasını biliyor. He´s no whiz kid, but he does know how to make money. olan/olup biten all (the events) that took place. olup bitmek to happen, take place. olduğu gibi 1. as (one) is, as (it) is: İnsanları olduğu gibi kabul etmelisin. You should accept people as they are. 2. as it (they) happened: Her şeyi olduğu gibi anlatacağım. I will explain everything as it happened. 3. besides being..., in addition to being...; besides having..., in addition to having...: Hasta olduğu gibi, yoksul da. Besides being sick, he is poor. olduğu kadar 1. besides being...; besides having...: Oda küçük olduğu kadar, karanlık da. Besides being small, the room is dark. 2. as much as possible: Hepsini bitirmek zorunda değilsin, olduğu kadar yap. You don´t have to finish it all; do what you can. Olan oldu. What´s done is done. olup olacağı all: Bendeki paranın olup olacağı bu kadar. This is all the money I´ve got on me. Onun olup olacağı bir köy muhtarı. He´ll never be anything more than the mayor of a village. Olup olacağımız toprak mı? Are we nothing more than dust? oldum bittim/oldum olası/oldum olasıya for as long as anyone can remember, from time immemorial, always. oldu olmadı It´s been just about...: Bu işe başlayalı on yıl oldu olmadı. It´s been just about ten years since he began this job. olmak üzere 1. being: İşyerimizde, ikisi Fransız olmak üzere, yirmi eleman var. In our firm we have twenty personnel, two of whom are French. 2. to be on the point of being: Kahven olmak üzere. Your coffee´s just about ready. olur olmaz 1. just any old, whatever, any... that: Olur olmaz her kitabı okuma! Don´t read any old book you happen to see! 2. at random, without thinking: Olur olmaz konuşma! Don´t just talk whenever you feel like it. "

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  • 462 var

    "1. existing, in existence. 2. present, in attendance; at hand, available. 3. used to indicate a willingness to participate in something: Ben varım. Count me in!/I´m willing to do it./I´m with you. 4. one´s all, everything one has: Bütün varını bu işe harcadı. He put his heart and soul into this job. - mısın? colloq. Will you?/How about it? - mı bana yan bakan! Who dares to say me nay? - etmek /ı/ to bring (something) into existence, create. - gücüyle with all his might. - kuvvetiyle with all his might. - ne bilsin yok halinden. proverb A rich person can´t really appreciate what it´s like to be poor. - ol! Good for you!/Well done!/Bravo! - olmak 1. to exist. 2. to come into existence. - olsun, yerinde olsun. colloq. I wish him well, nevertheless I´m glad I don´t have to see too much of him. - yok approximately, about, close to: Ali beş yaşında var yok. I´d say Ali´s close to five years old. -ı yoğu everything one owns, all that one has, all one´s worldly wealth. -sa... yoksa... (for someone) to be the most important person in someone´s life: Ahmet için, varsa Emine yoksa Emine. Ahmet has eyes for no one but Emine. -la yok arası 1. very slight, minuscule. 2. rarely. -a yoğa karışmak to poke one´s nose into everything. -ını yoğunu kaybetmek to lose everything one has."

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  • 463 yok

    ",-ku/-ğu 1. not existing, nonexistent. 2. not present, absent; not at hand, not available. 3. used to indicate a refusal to participate in something: Siz onu yapacak olursanız ben yokum. If you´re going to do that I´m not coming with you. O işte ben yoktum. I had nothing to do with that matter. 4. no (a negative reply). 5. but if not...: Sınavı kazandın, ne güzel; yok kazanamadın, bir daha denersin. If you pass the test, that´ll be great; but if you fail it, then you´ll just take it another time. 6. used sarcastically at the beginning of each of several successive clauses: Yok hava kötüymüş, yok zamanı değilmiş, kısacası bu işe yanaşmayacağı belliydi. If it wasn´t that the weather was bad, then it was the fact that the time wasn´t ripe; in short, it was clear that he wasn´t going to get around to doing this job. 7. used for emphasis at the beginning of a statement: Yok, iyi adam vesselam. He´s a good fellow, and that´s all there is to it. -tan 1. from nothing. 2. for no reason. - canım! colloq. 1. I wouldn´t think of it!/I wouldn´t dream of it! 2. You can´t be serious!/You´re having me on! 3. That´s not the case./You´ve misunderstood. - devenin başı! colloq. You´re pulling my leg!/You´re feeding me a line! - etmek /ı/ to do away with or get rid of (someone, something) completely. - oğlu yok. colloq. None of these people/things are here!/Not one of them is to be found! - olmak to disappear; to vanish. - pahasına very cheaply, for nothing, for a song. - satmak (for a merchant) to have nothing left to sell. - yere for no reason at all. - yok. 1. proverb Don´t suppose that something cannot be found or cannot happen, because it can. 2. No! No! "

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  • 464 zırnık

    "1. arsenic, zarnich, zarnec; orpiment; realgar. 2. the least little bit (of something): Durmuş´a ise, zırnık bile koklatmam! As for Durmuş, I won´t leave him so much as a penny! Mısır´da kahvenin zırnığı bile piyasada kalmadı. In Egypt there´s not so much as a grain of coffee left on the market."

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  • 465 öyle

    1. thus, thusly, so, in that manner. 2. such... as that/those, such, (something, someone) like that. - gelmek /a/ to seem to be like that to (someone). - ise In that case,.../If that´s the case,.... - geldi ki I/he/she felt like...: Öyle geldi ki gidip onunla konuşayım. I felt like going and having a talk with him. - mi? Is that so? - olsun. colloq. All right./So be it./As you wish. - şey/yağma yok. colloq. It´s out of the question!/Not on your life! - ya! That´s the way it is/was!

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  • 466 koyulmak

    başlamaq, girişmək; işe koyulmak – işə başlamaq
    başlamaq, girişmək

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