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scientific misconduct

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  • Scientific misconduct — ] *Danish Definition: Intention(al) or gross negligence leading to fabrication of the scientific message or a false credit or emphasis given to a scientist *Swedish Definition: Intention(al) distortion of the research process by fabrication of… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientific plagiarism in India — India does not have a statutory body to deal with scientific misconduct in academia, like the Office of Research Integrity in the USA and hence cases of plagiarism are often dealt in ad hoc fashion with different routes being followed in… …   Wikipedia

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  • Scientific literature — This article talks about the general structure of the production and use of scientific literature. For information on particular types, see the article for the type. For information about journal article databases, and abstract and indexing… …   Wikipedia

  • misconduct — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ alleged ▪ gross, serious ▪ She was fired last year for gross misconduct. ▪ criminal ▪ financial …   Collocations dictionary

  • scientific — adj. VERBS ▪ be, seem, sound ADVERB ▪ highly ▪ It all looks highly scientific! ▪ truly …   Collocations dictionary

  • Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty — The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (Danish: Udvalgene vedrørende Videnskabelig Uredelighed, or UVVU) are a set of three committees under the Danish Ministry of Research and Information Technology: a committee for natural science,… …   Wikipedia

  • Marc Hauser — sitting between Jon Meacham (far left) and Daniel Dennett (center), World Science Festival Marc D. Hauser (born 25 October 1959) is an American evolutionary biologist and a researcher in primate behavior and animal cognition who taught in th …   Wikipedia

  • Climatic Research Unit email controversy — Date 17 November 2009 Location Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia Also known as Climategate Inquiries House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (UK)[1] Independent Climate Change Review (UK) International Science Assessment …   Wikipedia

  • Peter Duesberg — Peter H. Duesberg Peter Duesberg Born …   Wikipedia

  • Climatic Research Unit documents — Main article: Climatic Research Unit email controversy The Hubert Lamb Building, University of East Anglia, where the Climatic Research Unit is based Climatic Research Unit documents including thousands of e mails and other documents were stolen… …   Wikipedia

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