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riefenstahl, leni

  • 41 premillennial

    adj vor der Jahrtausendwende nach n
    * * *
    premillennial adj (adv premillennially) vor der Jahrtausendwende:

    English-german dictionary > premillennial

  • 42 millennia

    plural; =">millennium
    * * *

    English-german dictionary > millennia

  • 43 millennium

    millennium [mɪˈlenɪəm]
    (plural millennia) [mɪˈlenɪə]
    * * *
    noun (pl - niums ou - nia)
    2) Religion, fig millénium m

    English-French dictionary > millennium

  • 44 millennium

    tysiąclecie nt, mil(l)enium nt
    * * *
    plural - millennia; noun
    (a period of a thousand years: Almost two millennia have passed since the birth of Christ.) milenium

    English-Polish dictionary > millennium

  • 45 slouch

    [slautʃ] 1. vi 2. n

    to slouch about/around — snuć się

    * * *
    (to sit, move or walk with shoulders rounded and head hanging: He slouched sulkily out of the room; He was slouching in an armchair.) iść/siedzieć w opuszczoną głową

    English-Polish dictionary > slouch

  • 46 adagio

    adadžo; lēni

    English-Latvian dictionary > adagio

  • 47 by easy stages

    lēni, nesteidzīgi; ar pārtraukumiem; veicot mazus attālumus

    English-Latvian dictionary > by easy stages

  • 48 ca'canny

    strādāt lēni, lai mazāk saražotu

    English-Latvian dictionary > ca'canny

  • 49 crawl

    [kro:l] 1. verb
    1) (to move slowly along the ground: The injured dog crawled away.) līst; vilkties
    2) ((of people) to move on hands and knees or with the front of the body on the ground: The baby can't walk yet, but she crawls everywhere.) rāpot
    3) (to move slowly: The traffic was crawling along at ten kilometres per hour.) lēni vilkties
    4) (to be covered with crawling things: His hair was crawling with lice.) ņudzēt
    2. noun
    1) (a very slow movement or speed: We drove along at a crawl.) lēna kustēšanās; rāpošana; līšana
    2) (a style of swimming in which the arms make alternate overarm movements: She's better at the crawl than she is at the breaststroke.) krauls
    * * *
    lēna kustēšanās; līšana, rāpošana; krauls; lēni vilkties; rāpot, līst; ņudzēt; pieglaimoties; sajust tirpas; atsaukt

    English-Latvian dictionary > crawl

  • 50 crawler

    rāpulis; pielīdējs; lēni braucošs taksometrs; rāpulītis

    English-Latvian dictionary > crawler

  • 51 creep

    I [kri:p] past tense, past participle - crept; verb
    1) (to move slowly, quietly or secretly: He crept into the bedroom.) lēni kustēties; vilkties
    2) (to move on hands or knees or with the body close to the ground: The cat crept towards the bird.) līst; rāpot
    3) ((of plants) to grow along the ground, up a wall etc.) (par augu) vīties
    II [kri:p]
    ((slang) a disgusting person: Leave her alone, you creep.) glumiķis
    - creepy
    - creepily
    - creepiness
    - creepy-crawly
    - creep up on
    - make someone's flesh creep
    * * *
    pielīdējs; ķertais; šļūde; rāpot, līst; lēni kustēties, vilkties; ložņāt; sajust tirpas

    English-Latvian dictionary > creep

  • 52 drag

    [dræɡ] 1. past tense, past participle - dragged; verb
    1) (to pull, especially by force or roughly: She was dragged screaming from her car.) vilkt
    2) (to pull (something) slowly (usually because heavy): He dragged the heavy table across the floor.) vilkt
    3) (to (cause to) move along the ground: His coat was so long it dragged on the ground at the back.) vilkties
    4) (to search (the bed of a lake etc) by using a net or hook: Police are dragging the canal to try to find the body.) pārmeklēt (ūdens baseina dibenu)
    5) (to be slow-moving and boring: The evening dragged a bit.) (par laiku) lēni vilkties
    2. noun
    1) (something which slows something down: He felt that his lack of education was a drag on his progress.) bremze; kavēklis; šķērslis
    2) (an act of drawing in smoke from a cigarette etc: He took a long drag at his cigarette.) dūmu ievilkšana (smēķējot)
    3) (something or someone that is dull and boring: Washing-up is a drag.) garlaicīgs pasākums
    4) (a slang word for women's clothes when worn by men.) sieviešu drēbes; pretējā dzimuma apģērbs
    * * *
    draga, bagars; bremze; smagās ecēšas; šķērslis, kavēklis; garlaicīgs pasākums; garš vilciena sastāvs; garš preču vilciena sastāvs; dūmu ievilkšana; vazāt, vilkt; vilkties; bagarēt; ecēt

    English-Latvian dictionary > drag

  • 53 he is a slow reader

    viņš lēni lasa

    English-Latvian dictionary > he is a slow reader

  • 54 heavily

    adverb smagi; grūti
    * * *
    smagi; skaudri, smagi; gurdi, lēni; spēcīgi, stipri

    English-Latvian dictionary > heavily

  • 55 helluva slow way

    velnišķīgi lēni

    English-Latvian dictionary > helluva slow way

  • 56 jog

    past tense, past participle - jogged; verb
    1) (to push, shake or knock gently: He jogged my arm and I spilt my coffee; I have forgotten, but something may jog my memory later on.) piegrūst; pagrūst; piebikstīt
    2) (to travel slowly: The cart jogged along the rough track.) lēni vilkties
    3) (to run at a gentle pace, especially for the sake of exercise: She jogs / goes jogging round the park for half an hour every morning.) lēni skriet
    * * *
    piegrūdiens, dunka; lēni rikši; piegrūst, piebikstīt; lēni rikšot; lēni skriet

    English-Latvian dictionary > jog

  • 57 jogtrot

    lēni rikši; rutīna, vienmuļība

    English-Latvian dictionary > jogtrot

  • 58 leisurely

    adjective, adverb (not hurrying; taking plenty of time: She had a leisurely bath.) lēni; nesteidzīgi
    * * *
    vaļas brīžu; nesteidzīgs, lēns; nesteidzīgi, lēni

    English-Latvian dictionary > leisurely

  • 59 millennium

    plural - millennia; noun
    (a period of a thousand years: Almost two millennia have passed since the birth of Christ.) gadu tūkstotis
    * * *
    gadu tūkstotis; zelta laikmets

    English-Latvian dictionary > millennium

  • 60 ooze

    [u:z] 1. verb
    1) (to flow slowly: The water oozed through the sand.) lēni tecēt/sūkties
    2) (to have (something liquid) flowing slowly out: His wound was oozing blood.) lēni iztecēt
    2. noun
    (liquid, slippery mud: The river bed was thick with ooze.) dubļi; dūņas
    * * *
    dūņas, dubļi; tecēšana, sūkšanās; miecētājšķidrums, miecviela; pilēt, tecēt, sūkties; izdalīties

    English-Latvian dictionary > ooze

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