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renal sinus

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  • renal sinus — n the main cavity of the kidney that is an expansion behind the hilum and contains the renal pelvis, calyxes, and the major renal vessels * * * sinus renalis [TA] a cavity within the substance of the kidney, occupied by the renal pelvis, calices …   Medical dictionary

  • Renal sinus — The renal sinus is a cavity within the kidney which is occupied by the renal pelvis, renal calyces, blood vessels, nerves and fat.External links* …   Wikipedia

  • renal sinus cyst — a cyst in a renal sinus, usually derived from aberrant lymphatic vessels, occurring either alone or in groups. Most appear after the fifth decade of life in association with inflammation, obstruction, or a calculus; they may be asymptomatic or… …   Medical dictionary

  • renal sinus lipomatosis — increased fat in the renal sinuses. A symmetrical, usually asymptomatic, increase is seen in obesity, steroid therapy, and the atrophy that accompanies the aging process. An asymmetrical increase known as renal replacement lipomatosis, which can… …   Medical dictionary

  • Renal pyramids — 1. Renal pyramid 2. Efferent artery 3. Renal artery 4. Renal vein 5. Renal hilum 6. Renal pelvis 7. Ureter 8 …   Wikipedia

  • Sinus (anatomy) — Sinus is Latin for bay , pocket , curve , or bosom . In anatomy, the term is used in various contexts. A sinus is a sack or cavity in any organ or tissue, or an abnormal cavity or passage caused by the destruction of tissue. In common usage,… …   Wikipedia

  • Renal column — Kidney 1 …   Wikipedia

  • renal papilla — n the apex of a renal pyramid which projects into the lumen of a calyx of the kidney and through which collecting tubules discharge urine * * * papilla renalis [TA] the blunted apex of a renal pyramid, found in the inner zone of the renal medulla …   Medical dictionary

  • renal system — ▪ anatomy Introduction  in humans (human body), organ system that includes the kidneys, where urine is produced, and the ureters, bladder, and urethra for the passage, storage, and voiding of urine.       In many respects the human excretory, or… …   Universalium

  • Renal pelvis — The area at the center of the kidney. Urine collects here and is funneled into the ureter. * * * renal pelvis n a funnel shaped structure in each kidney that is formed at one end by the expanded upper portion of the ureter lying in the renal… …   Medical dictionary

  • Renal cortex — For other uses, see Cortex (disambiguation). Renal cortex 1: Parenchyma 2: Cortex 3: Medulla 4: Perirenal fat 5: Capsule 6: Ureter …   Wikipedia

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