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  • 1 real

    real real adj. ›› EXISTING / NOT IMAGINED 存在;真实 1. actually existing or happening and not imagined or pretended • 真实的;实际存在的;非凭空想像的:
    »It wasnˈt a ghost; it was a real person.
    »pictures of animals, both real and mythological
    »In the movies guns kill people instantly, but itˈs not like that in real life.
    »Politicians seem to be out of touch with the real world.
    »The growth of violent crime is a very real problem.
    »Thereˈs no real possibility of them changing their minds.
    »We have a real chance of success.
    ›› TRUE / GENUINE 确实;真正 2. genuine and not false or artificial • 真的;正宗的;非假冒的;非人工的:
    »Are those real flowers?
    »real leather
    3. [only before noun] actual or true, rather than what appears to be true • 真正的;确实的;真实的:
    »Tell me the real reason.
    »Bonoˈs real name is Paul Hewson.
    博诺的真实姓名是保罗 · 休森。
    »See the real Africa on one of our walking safaris.
    »I couldnˈt resist the opportunity to meet a real live celebrity.
    4. [only before noun] having all the important qualities that it should have to deserve to be called what it is called • 真正的;名副其实的:
    »She never had any real friends at school.
    »his first real kiss
    »I had no real interest in politics.
    »He was making a real effort to be nice to her.
    »She has not shown any real regret for what she did.
    ›› FOR EMPHASIS 强调 5. [only before noun] used to emphasize a state or quality • (强调状态或品质):
    »He looks a real idiot.
    »This accident could have produced a real tragedy.
    »Her next play was a real contrast.
    ›› MONEY / INCOME 钱;收入 6. [only before noun] when the effect of such things as price rises on the power of money to buy things is included in the sums • 实际的(已按物价指数等调整);按购买力衡量的:
    »Real wage costs have risen by 10% in the past year.
    在过去的一年里,实际工资成本增加了 10%。
    »This represents a reduction of 5% in real terms.
    这相当于实际减少了 5%。
    【IDIOMS】 for ˈreal • genuine or serious • 真实的;严肃的:
    »This is not a fire drill—itˈs for real.
    »( NAmE) He managed to convince voters that he was for real.
    get ˈreal! • (informal) used to tell sb that they are behaving in a stupid or unreasonable way • 现实点吧;别傻了 keep it ˈreal •(informal) to act in an honest and natural way • 做事质朴、诚实 the ˌreal ˈthing •(informal) the genuine thing • 真品;真正的事物:
    »Are you sure itˈs the real thing (= love), not just infatuation?
    --› more at McCoy, power n. adv. • ( NAmE, ScotE, informal) very • 非常;很:
    »That tastes real good.
    »Heˈs a real nice guy.
    »Iˈm real sorry.
    * * *
    adj. 真的, 真實的, 不動產的

    English-Chinese dictionary > real

  • 2 real

    [riəl] 1. adjective
    1) (which actually exists: There's a real monster in that cave.) 真實的
    2) (not imitation; genuine: real leather; Is that diamond real?) 真的
    3) (actual: He may own the factory, but it's his manager who is the real boss.) 實際的
    4) (great: a real surprise/problem.) 大的
    2. adverb
    ((especially American) very; really: a real nice house.) 非常,真正地
    - realism
    - realistic
    - realistically
    - reality
    - really
    3. interjection
    (an expression of surprise, protest, doubt etc: `I'm going to be the next manager.' `Oh really?'; Really! You mustn't be so rude!) 當真
    - for real
    - in reality

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > real

  • 3 real

    [rɪəl] 1. adj
    1) (not artificial) [+ leather, gold etc] 真正的 [zhēnzhèng de]
    2) (not feigned) [+ reason, interest, name] 真实的 [zhēnshí de]
    3) (not imaginary) [+ life, feeling] 真实的 [zhēnshí de]
    4) (for emphasis) 真的 [zhēn de]

    It's a real shame. — 真是遗憾。

    2. adv; (US: inf)
    (very) 很 [hěn]

    * for real — 当真

    * the real thing — 真家伙

    * in real life — 现实生活中

    * in real terms — 实际上

    English-Chinese new dictionary > real

  • 4 real

    实数[型];【修】 实[R];
    = RElocatable Assembler Language,浮动汇编程序语言;
    = REsource ALlocation, 资源分配

    English-Chinese computer dictionary > real

  • 5 real

    adj.真正,实际, 现实,真实

    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > real

  • 6 real


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > real

  • 7 real


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > real

  • 8 实的

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 实的

  • 9 实的,实在,现实

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 实的,实在,现实

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