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random chain

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  • Random Gender — in 1986 Left to Right – Richard Hughes, Simon Cousins, Pat D’Arcy, Jon Cousins, Myke Vince Background information Origin Castle Combe …   Wikipedia

  • Chain World — is a computer game designed by Jason Rohrer, and built on the game Minecraft. Chain World won the 2011 Game Design Challenge. The goal of the challenge was to create a game which could become a religion. The official name of the challenge was GDC …   Wikipedia

  • Random coil — A random coil is a polymer conformation where the monomer subunits are oriented randomly while still being bonded to adjacent units. It is not one specific shape, but a statistical distribution of shapes for all the chains in a population of… …   Wikipedia

  • Random walk — A random walk, sometimes denoted RW, is a mathematical formalization of a trajectory that consists of taking successive random steps. The results of random walk analysis have been applied to computer science, physics, ecology, economics and a… …   Wikipedia

  • Chain murders of Iran — The Chain Murders of Iran[1][2] (قتلهای زنجیره ای), or Serial Murders, were a series of murders and disappearances from 1988 1998 by Iranian government operatives of Iranian dissident intellectuals [3][4] who had been critical of the Islamic… …   Wikipedia

  • Random Walk — Zufallsbewegungen bzw. Irrfahrten (englisch random walk) bilden eine wichtige Klasse stochastischer Prozesse. Sie dienen der Modellierung nichtdeterministischer Zeitreihen und der Herleitung von Wahrscheinlichkeitsverteilungen. Simulation… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Chain reaction — This article is about chain reactions in chemistry and physics. For other uses, see Chain reaction (disambiguation). A chain reaction is a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by product causes additional reactions to take place. In… …   Wikipedia

  • Chain rule (probability) — In probability theory, the chain rule permits the calculation of any member of the joint distribution of a set of random variables using only conditional probabilities. Consider an indexed set of sets . To find the value of this member of the… …   Wikipedia

  • random coil — A term originally invented by polymer chemists to describe a disordered tangle of a linear polymer chain with curved sections. In DNA parlance the random coil refers to the structure that results from melting or other forms of separation of the… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Markov chain — A simple two state Markov chain. A Markov chain, named for Andrey Markov, is a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another, between a finite or countable number of possible states. It is a random process characterized …   Wikipedia

  • Markov chain Monte Carlo — MCMC redirects here. For the organization, see Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission. Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods (which include random walk Monte Carlo methods) are a class of algorithms for sampling from probability… …   Wikipedia

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