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  • 1 人工呼吸

    мед. искусственное дыхание

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  • 2 人工呼吸

    Artificial respiration; to restore or maintain respiration for a person who has stopped breathing as a result of poisoning, electric shock, drowning or shock by using mechanical, manual or mouth-to-mouth means to force air into and out of the lungs while the heart is still beating.
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    【医】 artificial breathing; artificial respiration
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    ren2 gong1 hu1 xi1
    artificial respiration (medicine)
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    人工呼吸|人工呼吸 [rén gōng hū xī] artificial respiration (medicine)

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  • 3 人工呼吸

    [réngōng hūxī]
    иску́сственное дыха́ние
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    мед. искусственное дыхание

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