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rén gōng liú chǎn

  • 821 产制

    chan3 zhi4
    production, manufacture
    * * *
    產製|产制 [chǎn zhì] production manufacture

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产制

  • 822 产前

    antenatal; prenatal; antepartum
    * * *
    【医】 ante partum
    * * *
    chan3 qian2
    prenatal, antenatal
    * * *
    chǎn qián
    产前保健 prenatal care;
    产前服务 service before the production process;
    产前护理 antenatal care; prenatal care;
    产前检查 antenatal examination
    * * *
    產前|产前 [chǎn qián] prenatal antenatal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产前

  • 823 产前检查

    antenatal (or prenatal) examination
    * * *
    chan3 qian2 jian3 cha2
    prenatal examination, antenatal examination
    * * *
    產前檢查|产前检查 [chǎn qián jiǎn chá] prenatal examination antenatal examination

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产前检查

  • 824 产区

    chan3 qu1
    place of production, manufacturing location
    * * *
    產區|产区 [chǎn qū] place of production manufacturing location

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产区

  • 825 产卵

    (of birds) lay eggs; (of fishes, frogs, etc.) spawn; (of insects) oviposit
    * * *
    lay eggs; oviposit; spawn
    【医】 oviposit; oviposition
    相关词组: 产卵管
    * * *
    lay eggs; oviposit; spawn
    * * *
    n. oviposition, laying of eggs, deposit, spawning
    v. lay an egg
    * * *
    chan3 luan3
    to lay eggs
    * * *
    chǎn luǎn
    oviposition; (鸟、家禽) lay eggs; (鱼、蛙) spawn; sile; spawning; (昆虫) oviposit; blow
    产卵瓣 valvula; valvule;
    产卵标志 spawning mark;
    产卵场所 spawning place;
    产卵池 spawning pond;
    产卵洄游 spawning migration;
    产卵率 spawning rate;
    产卵期 egg-laying season;
    产卵器 oopod; oopodeus; oviscapt; ovipositor; terebra; spicula; spawning receptacle;
    产卵习性 spawning habit; spawning behavior;
    产卵抑制剂 oviposition inhibitor;
    产卵抑制物 oviposition inhibitor;
    产卵引诱物 oviposition lure;
    产卵鱼 breeding fish;
    产卵鱼池 spawning pond;
    产卵种群 spawning population;
    产卵最高峰 peak of laying
    * * *
    產卵|产卵 [chǎn luǎn] to lay eggs

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产卵

  • 826 产后

    postnatal; postpartum
    * * *
    【医】 post partum
    * * *
    post partum
    * * *
    adj. post partum, postnatal
    * * *
    chan3 hou4
    * * *
    chǎn hòu
    postpartum; after delivery; after childbirth
    产后痹证 postpartum arthralgia;
    产后遍身疼痛 pantalgia after childbirth; postpartum general aching;
    产后病温 puerperal epidemic febrile diseases;
    产后不语 postpartum aphasia;
    产后出血 {医} postpartum hemorrhage;
    产后盗汗 postpartum night sweat;
    产后多汗 postpartum hidrosis;
    产后发痉 postartum convulsion;
    产后发热 postpartum fever;
    产后浮肿 postpartum edema;
    产后服务 service after the production process;
    产后腹痛 postpartum abdominal pain;
    产后腹泻 postpartum diarrhea;
    产后护理 postnatal care; puerperal care;
    产后精神病 puerperal psychosis;
    产后精神分裂症 puerperal schizophrenia;
    产后肉线 puerperal prolapse;
    产后三冲 three severe postpartum disorders;
    产后三急 three postpartum emergencies;
    产后三脱 three kinds of postpartum symptoms of exhaustion;
    产后乍寒乍热 postpartum alternative chilliness and fever;
    产后中风 affection by cold after delivery;
    产后子宫炎 {医} metria
    * * *
    產後|产后 [chǎn hòu] postnatal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产后

  • 827 产品

    product; produce
    * * *
    manufacture; output; product; work
    【医】 product
    【经】 produce clearing house; product; turnout
    相关词组: 副产品
    * * *
    manufacture; output; product; production
    * * *
    n. product, produce, output, goods
    * * *
    chan3 pin3
    goods, merchandise, product, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    chǎn pǐn
    product; produce; fabric; tailorism:
    工业产品 industrial products;
    农产品 farm produce;
    畜产品 livestock products;
    土特产品 native produce;
    名优产品 brand-name, high-quality products;
    产品按质分等 grade products according to quality;
    有多少种产品是由尼龙制造的? How many products are made from nylon?
    这家工厂现正试制一种新产品。 The factory is now trying to manufacture a new model.
    产品包装 the packing of products;
    产品保险 manufactuerer's output insurance;
    产品保证 warranty for goods purchased;
    产品标准 product standard;
    产品标准化 standardization of products;
    产品差别 differentiation of product;
    产品成本 cost of goods manufactured;
    产品储备 products-supply;
    产品程序布置 layout of product process;
    产品纯度 product purity;
    产品单位成本 unit cost;
    产品调拨 allocation of products;
    产品定型 type approval;
    产品对路 goods suited to popular tastes;
    产品发展 production development;
    产品返销 product buy back;
    产品范围 range of products;
    产品方向 line of production;
    产品仿制 product image;
    产品分成 production sharing;
    产品分成合同 products sharing contract;
    产品分析 product analysis;
    产品分析控制法 product analysis control procedure;
    产品改进性研制 operational development;
    产品革新 product innovation;
    产品更新 model change;
    产品工程 product engineering;
    产品工程师 product engineer;
    产品工艺学 product technology;
    产品管理 management of product;
    产品广告 primary advertising;
    产品规格 product standard;product specification;
    产品号码 identification symbol;
    产品混合(配合) product mix;
    产品积压 stockpiling; stockpiled goods; stockpiling of goods;
    产品计数器 production counter;
    产品技术 product technology;
    产品检验 examination and test of products;
    产品检验台 inspection bench;
    产品鉴定 product identification;
    产品交换制 exchange of products;
    产品结构 product mix; the set-up of production;
    产品金属 resultant metal;
    产品经济 product economy;
    产品流动法 flow of product approach;
    产品目录 list of products; catalog; product summary;
    产品浓度 product concentration;
    产品筛选 product screening;
    产品设计 {设计} product design;
    产品升级换代 upgrading and updating of products;develop new generation of products;
    产品实现过程 products' realization process;
    产品试验 testing the products;
    产品试制 trial production;
    产品寿命周期 product life cycle;
    产品税 product tax;
    产品说明 description of products;
    产品线 product line;
    产品销路 product marketing;
    产品销售 production marketing;
    产品销售成本 cost of goods sold;
    产品销售净额 net sales;
    产品销售税金 tax on sales;
    产品销售总额 gross sales;
    产品性能 properties of products;
    产品研究 product research;
    产品一览表 QPL (qualified products list);
    产品责任 product responsibility;
    产品责任法 the product liability law;
    产品质量 product quality;
    产品质量检查 quality control;
    产品质量检查员 tester;
    产品质量检验 production quality test
    * * *
    產品|产品 [chǎn pǐn] goods merchandise product CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产品

  • 828 产品经理

    【经】 product manager
    * * *
    n. product manager
    * * *
    chan3 pin3 jing1 li3
    product manager
    * * *
    產品經理|产品经理 [chǎn pǐn jīng lǐ] product manager

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产品经理

  • 829 产品结构

    product structure
    * * *
    chan3 pin3 jie2 gou4
    product mix
    * * *
    產品結構|产品结构 [chǎn pǐn jié gòu] product mix

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产品结构

  • 830 产地

    place of production (or origin); producing area; producer
    * * *
    producing area
    【医】 habitat; metropolis
    【经】 field; origin
    相关词组: 多产地
    * * *
    producing area
    * * *
    n. place of production, place of origin
    * * *
    chan3 di4
    the source (of a product), place of origin, manufacturing location
    * * *
    chǎn dì
    place of production; place of origin; locality of growth; producing area:
    甘蔗产地 a sugarcane growing area;
    金丝猴产地 the native haunt of the golden monkey;
    原料产地 sources of raw materials
    产地证明书 certificate of origin
    * * *
    產地|产地 [chǎn dì] the source (of a product) place of origin manufacturing location

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产地

  • 831 产地证

    chan3 di4 zheng4
    Certificate of Origin (commerce)
    * * *
    產地證|产地证 [chǎn dì zhèng] Certificate of Origin (commerce)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产地证

  • 832 产妇

    a lying-in woman; a woman in childbirth; puerpera
    * * *
    lying-in woman
    【医】 accouchee; parturient; puerpera; puerperant
    相关词组: 产妇的
    * * *
    lying-in woman
    * * *
    n. lying in woman, puerpera
    * * *
    chan3 fu4
    woman recuperating after childbirth, woman in childbirth
    * * *
    chǎn fù
    lying-in woman; delivery woman; puerpera; puerperant:
    初产妇 primipara;
    待产妇 woman expecting confinement
    产妇津贴 maternity benefits;
    产妇死亡率 maternal mortality rate
    * * *
    產婦|产妇 [chǎn fù] woman recuperating after childbirth woman in childbirth

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产妇

  • 833 产婆

    * * *
    * * *
    chan3 po2
    * * *
    chǎn pó
    (旧) mid-wife
    * * *
    產婆|产婆 [chǎn pó] midwife

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产婆

  • 834 产房

    delivery room
    * * *
    delivery room
    【医】 delivery room
    * * *
    delivery room
    * * *
    n. delivery room, hospital room where women give birth
    * * *
    chan3 fang2
    delivery room (in hospital), labour ward
    * * *
    產房|产房 [chǎn fáng] delivery room (in hospital) labor ward

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产房

  • 835 产期

    【医】 circumnatal period; lying-in
    * * *
    * * *
    chan3 qi1
    time of birth, period of labor, lying-in
    * * *
    chǎn qī
    term; lying-in
    * * *
    產期|产期 [chǎn qī] time of birth period of labor lying-in

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产期

  • 836 产权

    (全称为 '财产权') property right
    (全稱為 '財產權') property right
    * * *
    property right
    【经】 equities; equity
    * * *
    property right
    * * *
    n. equity, property right, property
    * * *
    chan3 quan2
    property right
    * * *
    chǎn quán
    property right
    产权保险 title insurance;
    产权比率 equity ratio;
    产权交易 property-rights exchange;
    产权诉讼 action of real right;
    产权所有人 owner of title;
    产权说明书 abstract of title;
    产权要求 property claim;
    产权转让 transfer of property rights
    * * *
    產權|产权 [chǎn quán] property right

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产权

  • 837 产检

    chan3 jian3
    abbr. for 產前檢查, 产前检查
    * * *
    產檢|产检 [chǎn jiǎn] abbr. for ↑ 產前檢查|↑ 产前检查 [chǎn qián jiǎn chá]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产检

  • 838 产油国

    chan3 you2 guo2
    oil-producing countries
    * * *
    產油國|产油国 [chǎn yóu guó] oil-producing countries

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产油国

  • 839 产物

    outcome; result; product
    * * *
    outcome; production; offspring; result
    【医】 product; resultant
    【经】 product
    相关词组: 副产物
    * * *
    outcome; producetion; offspring; result
    * * *
    n. outcome, result, product
    * * *
    chan3 wu4
    product, result (of)
    * * *
    chǎn wù
    outcome; result; product:
    必然产物 inevitable outcome;
    野生的自然产物 wild products of nature;
    集体智慧的产物 result of collective wisdom;
    把语言视为纯社会产物 regard langauge as a purely social product;
    诗是诗人想象力的产物。 Poems are the product of a poet's imagination.
    他是他那个时代的产物。 He was the product of his period.
    * * *
    產物|产物 [chǎn wù] product result (of)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产物

  • 840 产生

    (used with immaterial things) give rise to; bring about; evolve; emerge; come into being; yield; start, produce; form; generate; bear; present, generation
    * * *
    bring; come into being; engender; produce; result; give birth to
    【化】 creation; yield
    【医】 production
    【经】 accrue
    相关词组: 宇宙的产生
    * * *
    bring; come into being; engender; give birth to; produce
    * * *
    v. produce, generate, yield, father, entrain, engender, bring about, bring in, bring, start up, come into being, emerge, beget
    * * *
    chan3 sheng1
    to arise, to come into being, to come about, to give rise to, to bring into being, to bring about, to produce, to engender, to generate, to appear, appearance, emergence, generation, production, yield
    * * *
    chǎn shēng
    (出现) produce; engender:
    产生好的结果 produce good results;
    产生影响 exert an influence; exercise influence over; have bearing on; weigh;
    产生幻觉 hallucinate;
    产生火花 spark;
    产生效果 come into play;
    产生印象 impress;
    产生怨恨 fester
    (形成; 发生) emerge; come into being:
    第一个工人联盟就这样产生了。 Thus the first worker's league came into being.
    你们的会谈产生了什么结果? What results emerged from your talks?
    在人类历史发展过程中不断产生新的艺术。 New arts have been born in the course of the history of men.
    production; generation; causing; effecting
    产生程序 generating routine;
    产生核 seed;
    产生间歇者 intermitter; intermittor;
    产生率 generation rate; creation rate;
    产生门 generator gate;
    产生摩擦层 friction-producing layer;
    产生算符 creation operator;
    产生误差 throw off;
    产生谐波 harmonic generation;
    产生压力 pressurize;
    产生噪声材料 noise-producing material
    * * *
    產生|产生 [chǎn shēng] to arise to come into being to come about to give rise to to bring into being to bring about to produce to engender to generate to appear appearance emergence generation production yield

    Chinese-English dictionary > 产生

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