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  • quick-moving line — queue that advances rapidly …   English contemporary dictionary

  • quick-moving queue — line that advances rapidly …   English contemporary dictionary

  • quick|sil|ver — «KWIHK SIHL vuhr», noun, verb, adjective. –n. 1. = mercury (def. 1). (Cf. ↑mercury) 2. Figurative. something as shining, quick moving, and elusive as mercury: »Emmett by contrast is a piece of quicksilver, brilliant but unpredictable (London… …   Useful english dictionary

  • quick|sil|ver|y — «KWIHK SIHL vuhr ee», adjective. resembling quicksilver; bright and quick moving: »The quicksilvery score, with its pastoral interludes and lavish descriptive effects, is a delight (Time) …   Useful english dictionary

  • quick — ► ADJECTIVE 1) moving fast. 2) lasting or taking a short time: a quick worker. 3) with little or no delay; prompt. 4) intelligent. 5) (of a person s eye or ear) keenly perceptive. 6) (of temper) easily roused. ► NOUN …   English terms dictionary

  • Quick release skewer — A quick release skewer is the rod, threaded on one end and with a cam assembly on the other, a part of the quick release mechanism, a lever operated cam system used with a hollow axle for securing the wheels on a bicycle. Wheels equipped with… …   Wikipedia

  • quick — quickness, n. /kwik/, adj., quicker, quickest, n., adv., quicker, quickest. adj. 1. done, proceeding, or occurring with promptness or rapidity, as an action, process, etc.; prompt; immediate: a quick response. 2. that is over or completed within… …   Universalium

  • quick — [[t]kwɪk[/t]] adj. and adv. er, est, n. adj. 1) done, proceeding, or occurring with promptness or rapidity: a quick response[/ex] 2) completed in a short time: a quick shower[/ex] 3) moving with speed: a quick fox[/ex] 4) cvb easily provoked or… …   From formal English to slang

  • quick — quick1 W2S1 [kwık] adj comparative quicker superlative quickest ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(short time)¦ 2¦(fast)¦ 3¦(no delay)¦ 4¦(clever)¦ 5 be quick 6 be quick to do something 7 quick fix 8 have a quick …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • quick — 1 /kwIk/ adjective 1 SHORT TIME continuing or existing for only a short time: I just have to make a quick phone call. | John had a quick meal and then went out again. | That was quick! I thought you d be another hour. 2 FAST moving or happening… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • quick — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English quik, from Old English cwic; akin to Old Norse kvikr living, Latin vivus living, vivere to live, Greek bios, zōē life Date: before 12th century 1. not dead ; living, alive 2. acting or capable of acting with …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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