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push button lock

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  • push button lock —   n.    a self contained lock with controls that must be pressed in a specific pattern or sequence to open the lock …   Locksmith dictionary

  • button knob —   n.    the knob in a key in knob lock that includes a push or turn button …   Locksmith dictionary

  • Mirror lock-up — With mirror lock up the mirror (2) flips up towards (5) well before the shutter (3) opens. As a result light no longer reaches the eyepiece (8). Mirror lock up (often abbreviated to MLU) is a feature employed in many Single Lens Reflex (SLR)… …   Wikipedia

  • Anti-lock braking system — An anti lock braking system (ABS, from German: Antiblockiersystem) is a safety system that allows the wheels on a motor vehicle to continue interacting tractively with the road surface as directed by driver steering inputs while braking,… …   Wikipedia

  • Aaron Fish — was born in the 1930s in Montreal, Quebec. He was the Chairman and CEO of Unican Security Systems Ltd. from its creation in 1965 to its sale in December 2000. [Canadian Shareowner] Aaron Fish has seven children and eight grandchildren.Aaron Fish… …   Wikipedia

  • Vehicle door — A 1986 Ford Taurus with its driver side door open. I …   Wikipedia

  • Station (roller coaster) — A roller coaster s station is where the passengers board and alight from the trains. The station houses the coaster s control panel, and has devices for moving the trains in and out of the station and holding them in position, as well as devices… …   Wikipedia

  • canals and inland waterways — ▪ waterway Introduction       natural or artificial waterways used for navigation, crop irrigation, water supply, or drainage.       Despite modern technological advances in air and ground transportation, inland waterways continue to fill a vital …   Universalium

  • History of the single-lens reflex camera — The history of the single lens reflex camera predates the invention of photography in 1826/27 by one and a half centuries with the use of a reflex mirror in a camera obscura first described in 1676. Such SLR devices were popular as drawing aids… …   Wikipedia

  • Knife — A knife is a handheld sharp edged instrument consisting of handle attached to a blade used for cutting. The knife is a tool that can be used as a weapon. Its origins date as far back as two and a half million years ago, as evidenced by the… …   Wikipedia

  • Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System — In telecommunications, Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System or CTCSS is a circuit that is used to reduce the annoyance of listening to other users on a shared two way radio communications channel. It is sometimes called tone squelch. Where more… …   Wikipedia

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