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preserve directory

  • 1 directory

    n; c
    1) also: telephone directory 电话号码簿 [diànhuà hàomǎbù]
    2) (list of names, addresses etc) 姓名地址录 [xìngmíng dìzhǐ lù]
    3) (on computer) 文件名录 [wénjiàn mínglù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > directory

  • 2 directory enquiries

    ( BRIT); n; u
    查号台 [cháhàotái] 美 = information, directory assistance

    Chinese-English dictionary > directory enquiries

  • 3 ex-directory

    (BRIT: TEL); adj
    [+ number] 未列入电话簿的 [wèi lièrù diànhuàbù de] 美 = unlisted

    * she's ex-directory — 她的电话未列入电话簿

    Chinese-English dictionary > ex-directory

  • 4 preserve

    [prɪ'zəːv] 1. vt
    1) [+ customs, independence, peace] 维护 [wéihù]; [+ building, artefact] 保存 [bǎocún]; [+ character, area, forest] 保护 [bǎohù]
    2) (in salt, syrup, vinegar etc) [+ food] 防腐 [fángfǔ]
    2. n
    1) c / u (jam, marmalade, chutney) 果酱 [guǒjiàng]
    2) c (for game, fish) 私人渔猎区 [sīrén yúliè qū]
    3) c

    * a male/working class preserve — 男性/工人阶级所独有 [nánxìng/gōngrén jiējí suǒ dúyǒu]

    * strawberry preserve — 草莓酱

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  • 5 telephone directory

    Chinese-English dictionary > telephone directory

  • 6

    protect; defend, keep; maintain; preserve, guarantee; ensure, stand guarantor (or surety) for somebody; bail, guarantor
    * * *
    defend; keep; protect
    * * *
    defend; keep; protect
    * * *
    n. warranty, defence, defense, protection, guard, maintenance, insurance, guaranty
    v. guard, protect, maintain, hold, keep, ensure, insure, guarantee, warrant, vouch, defend
    * * *
    Bulgaria, Bulgarian, abbr. for 保加利亞, 保加利亚
    to defend, to protect, to insure or guarantee, to maintain, hold or keep, to guard
    * * *
    (保卫; 保护) defend; protect:
    保家卫国 protect our homes and defend our country;
    保乌纱帽 protect one's official post
    (保持) keep; preserve; maintain in good condition:
    保水保肥 preserve moisture and fertility (in the soil);
    毛衣穿了能保暖。 Wearing a sweater will keep us warm.
    (保证; 担保做到) guarantee; ensure:
    保不住 cannot guarantee;
    保质保量 guarantee both quality and quantity;
    旱涝保收 ensure stable yields despite drought or waterlogging
    (担保) stand guarantor for sb.:
    保外执行 {律} serve a sentence on bail
    (保人; 保证人) guarantor:
    找保人 find a guarantor;
    作保 stand as guarantor
    (旧时掌管某事之人) official in charge:
    少保 imperial tutor in charge of upbringing of the crown prince;
    酒保 wine shop owner or waiter
    (旧时户籍的编制单位) administrative system
    (姓氏) a surname:
    保睿 Bao Rui
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 保|保 [Bǎo] Bulgaria Bulgarian abbr. for ↑ 保加利亞|↑ 保加利亚 [Bǎo jiā lì yà]
    Ⅱ. 保|保 [bǎo] to defend to protect to keep to guarantee to ensure

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  • 7 保住

    bao3 zhu4
    to preserve, to save
    * * *
    保住|保住 [bǎo zhù] to preserve to save

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保住

  • 8 保全

    save from damage; preserve; save, maintain; keep in good repair
    * * *
    conserve; maintain; preserve; save
    相关词组: 保全面子
    * * *
    save from damage
    * * *
    n. saving, rescue, preservation, maintenance, conservation
    v. conserve, save from damage, rescue, preserve, maintain
    * * *
    bao3 quan2
    to save from damage, to preserve, to maintain, to keep in good repair
    * * *
    bǎo quán
    (使不受损失) save from damage; assure the safe of; guard or protect; keep intact; preserve:
    保全力量 preserve strength;
    保全名誉 preserve one's reputation
    (保养; 维修) maintain; keep in good repair
    保全工 maintenance worker;
    保全保养 upkeep
    * * *
    保全|保全 [bǎo quán] to save from damage to preserve to maintain to keep in good repair

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保全

  • 9 保存

    preserve; conserve; keep; save, preservation
    * * *
    conserve; hold; keep; preserve; reserve; save; conservancy; conservation
    【计】 save
    【医】 Cons.; conservancy; conservation; preservation; Serv.; servation
    相关词组: 保存的
    * * *
    save; conservation; conserve; hold; keep; preservation; preserve; preserving
    * * *
    n. preservation, conservancy, conservation, holding, keeping, saving
    v. save, keep, hold, preserve, conserve
    * * *
    bao3 cun2
    to conserve, to preserve, to keep, to save (a file etc) (computing)
    * * *
    bǎo cún
    (使事物、性质、意义、作用等继续存在, 不受损失或不发生变化) preserve; keep; conserve; hold; maintain; reposit:
    保存精力 conserve one's vitality (strength);
    保存实力 preserve one's strength; conserve one's forces;
    保存资料 preserve reference materials;
    这些书保存得很好。 These books are well preserved.
    保存剂 preservative;
    保存命令 hold-over command;
    保存期 retention period; length for preservation;
    保存器 conservator;
    保存区 {计} save area;
    保存文件 hold file;
    保存液 preserving fluid;
    保存者 preserver;
    保存指令 hold instruction; save instruction
    * * *
    保存|保存 [bǎo cún] to conserve to preserve to keep to save (a file etc) (computing)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保存

  • 10 保守

    guard; keep, conservative; orthodox
    * * *
    guard; keep
    【电】 conservation
    相关词组: 保守党
    * * *
    guard; keep
    * * *
    adj. politically conservative, careful, prudent, cautious, backward
    n. care, prudence, caution, backwardness, observance, preservation, maintenance, conservatism
    v. keep, guard, preserve, maintain, conserve
    * * *
    bao3 shou3
    (politically) conservative, to guard, to keep
    * * *
    bǎo shǒu
    (保持使不失去) guard; keep; hold on:
    保守党和国家机密 guard Party and state secrets
    (守旧的) conservative:
    保守观点 conservative point of view;
    保守思想 conservative ideas; conservative thinking
    (英国)保守党 the Conservative Party;
    保守力 conservative force;
    保守力场 conservative force field;
    保守疗法 conservative treatment;
    保守派 conservatives;
    保守外交 conservative diplomacy;
    保守习惯 conservative habit;
    保守系 {物} conservative system;
    保守遗传性 conservative inheritance;
    保守主义 conservatism
    * * *
    保守|保守 [bǎo shǒu] conservative to guard to keep

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保守

  • 11 保护

    protect; conserve; safeguard; conservation; guard; buffer; preserve; shield, protection
    * * *
    protect; safeguard; ensure; patronize; preserve; shelter; shield; preservation
    【计】 protection
    【化】 covering
    【医】 conservancy; protection
    【经】 custody; safeguard
    相关词组: 保护措施
    * * *
    protect; safeguard; aegis; egis
    * * *
    n. guardianship, custody, tutelage, tutelary, conservancy, conservation, aegis, egis, muniment, wardship, preservation, protection, safekeeping
    v. defend, sentinel, preserve, safeguard, shelter, cover, shield, protect, patronize
    * * *
    bao3 hu4
    to protect, to defend, to safeguard, protection, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    bǎo hù
    (尽力照顾, 使不受损害) protect; defend; guard; safeguard:
    保护环境, 防止污染 protect the environment against pollution;
    保护人民的利益 safeguard the people's interests;
    保护视力 preserve eyesight;
    保护现场 keep intact the scene of a crime (accident); preserve the scene (of a crime or accident) undisturbed
    保护板 fender; protective plate; fender apron; armour plate;
    保护半径 radius of protection;
    保护比 protection ratio;
    保护(涂)层 coating;
    保护层 antiabrasion layer; resist shadow; protective covering; resist; sealer; protective layer; stopoff;
    保护措施 protection; protective measures; cocooning; safeguarding (protective);
    保护单元 protected location;
    保护道岔 trap points;
    保护灯 guard lamp;
    保护地 protectorate; dependent territory; sheltered ground;
    保护地带 safety belt;
    保护(式)电弧焊 shielded arc welding;
    保护电极 guard electrode;
    保护电路 guard circuit; protective circuit; protection circuit;
    保护电阻 protective resistance;
    保护电阻器 protective resistor; fuse-resistor;
    保护断路器 protective circuit breaker;
    保护扼流圈 protective reactor;
    保护二极管 protected diode;
    保护反应 protective reaction;
    保护方式 protected-type; protection mode;
    保护符 protection character;
    保护盖 visor;
    保护隔膜 blow-out disc;
    保护关税 protective tariff;
    保护管 protecting tube;
    保护国 protectorate;
    保护行 guard row;
    保护环 guard ring; annular guard ring;
    保护禾草 nurse grass;
    保护基(团) blocking group; protective group;
    保护剂 protectant; preservative;
    保护继电器 protective relay; safety relay;
    保护键 protection key;
    保护胶体 protective colloid;
    保护接地 protective grounding; protective earthing;
    保护接地装置 protective earthing device;
    保护距离 {电} guard space;
    保护抗体 protective antibody;
    保护靠背(扶手) antimacassar;
    保护扩散 protective diffusion;
    保护疗法 protective therapy;
    保护林带 protective belt;
    保护滤波器 protecting filter;
    保护霉素 tuoromycin;
    保护面 facing;
    保护面层(道路路面) armor course;
    保护面具 protecting mask;
    保护膜 preservative;
    保护屏蔽 guard shield; protective screen;
    保护气 shielding gas;
    保护器 tutamen (pl. tutamina);
    保护器官 {植} armour;
    保护壳 crust;
    保护人 guardian;
    保护冗余 {讯} protective redundancy;
    保护伞 protective umbrella;
    保护色 {动} body colour; protective colouration;
    保护收发开关 protector TR switch;
    保护树 nurse-wood;
    保护数位 guard digit;
    保护滩地 flood plain protection;
    保护套 protecting jacket; barney;
    保护体 protective;
    保护条款 safeguard clause;
    保护涂层 cover coating; protective coating; antitracking coating; protective finish;
    保护涂剂 protective coating;
    保护外壳 containment;
    保护网 catch net; cradle;
    保护网络 protective network;
    保护网罩 mat;
    保护位 guard position; guard bit;
    保护物 shield; guard; protection; rock;
    保护隙 protective gap;
    保护系统 protection system;
    保护线 guard wire;
    保护信号 guard signal;
    保护眼镜 protective spectacles;
    保护异常 protection exception;
    保护油膜 tempered oil film;
    保护渣 casting powder;
    保护罩 shelter; {电工} boot; protection cover;
    保护真空装置 guard vacuum;
    保护制度 protecting system;
    保护主义 protectionism;
    保护装置 protector; protective device; protecting device; safeguard; safety guard;
    保护作用 protective action;
    保护组织 protective tissue
    * * *
    保護|保护 [bǎo hù] to protect to defend to safeguard protection CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保护

  • 12 保持

    keep; maintain; preserve; stay; hold; retain, preservation
    * * *
    keep; hold; maintain; maintenance; preserve; remain; retain
    【计】 retention
    【医】 retention
    【经】 hold; keep; keep up
    相关词组: 保持沉默
    * * *
    holding; keep; maintenance; preserve; rest; retain
    * * *
    adj. held, holding
    n. preservation, retention, holding, maintenance, keeping
    v. hold, maintain, keep, preserve, retain, save
    * * *
    bao3 chi2
    to keep, to maintain, to hold, to preserve
    * * *
    bǎo chí
    (维持; 使不消失或减弱) keep; hold; retain; maintain; preserve:
    保持安静 keep quiet;
    保持优势 hold on to a dominant (favorable) position;
    保持警惕 maintain vigilance; be on the alert;
    保持清洁 keep clean;
    保持优良传统 preserve good traditions;
    保持劳动人民的本色 retain the characteristics of the working people;
    保持冷静的头脑 keep a cool head; keep cool;
    保持跳高纪录 retain the high jump record;
    保持优良品质 retain the fine qualities;
    保持党政机关的廉洁 keep the Party and government departments honest and clean;
    保持活力 maintain vitality;
    保持均势 maintain parity
    保持安全距离 wide berth;
    保持电流 holding current; keeping current; hold current; latching current;
    保持电路 hold circuit; holding circuit; retaining circuit; stick circuit; sustain circuit; lock-out circuit;
    保持电容器 holding capacitor;
    保持电压 sustaining voltage;
    保持电子束 holding electric beam;
    保持范围 hold-in range;
    保持复位 hold reset;
    保持故障 hold-over fault;
    保持继电器 hold relay;
    保持肌 retentor;
    保持架 retainer;
    保持开放装置 hold-clear;
    保持力 retention;
    保持良好状态 well-being;
    保持能力 hold facility;
    保持频率 holding frequency;
    保持器 keeper; cage; maintainer;
    保持杀菌(作用) holder pasteurization;
    保持时间 hold time; retention time; storage time;
    保持时间正确 time-preserving;
    保持系 {物} maintainer line;
    保持线圈 holding coil;
    保持阳极(维持电弧阳极) holding anode;
    保持永新 newness retention;
    保持元件 holding element;
    保持状态 hold mode; interrupt mode;
    保持自旋轨道的散射波 non-flip scattered wave;
    保持作用 holding action
    * * *
    保持|保持 [bǎo chí] to keep to maintain to hold to preserve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保持

  • 13 保持原貌

    bao3 chi2 yuan2 mao4
    to preserve the original form
    * * *
    保持原貌|保持原貌 [bǎo chí yuán mào] to preserve the original form

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保持原貌

  • 14 保残守缺

    bao3 can2 shou3 que1
    conservative, to preserve the outmoded
    * * *
    保殘守缺|保残守缺 [bǎo cán shǒu quē] conservative to preserve the outmoded

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保残守缺

  • 15 保殘守缺

    bao3 can2 shou3 que1
    conservative, to preserve the outmoded
    * * *
    保殘守缺|保残守缺 [bǎo cán shǒu quē] conservative to preserve the outmoded

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保殘守缺

  • 16 保温

    heat preservation
    * * *
    heat preservation
    【化】 thermal insulation
    相关词组: 保温瓶
    * * *
    heat preservation
    * * *
    n. heat preservation
    * * *
    bao3 wen1
    to keep hot, heat preservation
    * * *
    bǎo wēn
    keep warm; preserve heat; heat preservation; insulation work; thermal retardation
    保温杯 thermos cup (container);
    保温材料 thermal insulation material; heat insulator;
    保温层 {建} (thermal) insulating layer; insulation course;
    保温车 {铁道} refrigerator wagon; refrigerator car;
    保温工程 heat insulating work; heat reserving;
    保温管道 utilidor;
    保温壶 thermo jug;
    保温集装箱 insulated container; textiles surveillance body; thermal container;
    保温炉 holding furnace; die casting furnace; maintaining furnace;
    保温冒口套 insulating riser sleeve;
    保温帽 hot-top;
    保温瓶 vacuum flask; vacuum bottle; thermos (bottle);
    保温前炉 preheated forehearth;
    保温时间 soaking;
    保温食品盘 hot plate;
    保温套 jacket; fagging;
    保温温度 holding temperature;
    保温箱 cabinet; incubator;
    保温性能 thermal insulation property;
    保温阴极 heat-shielded cathode;
    保温砖载体 Insulating brick C-22
    * * *
    保溫|保温 [bǎo wēn] to keep hot heat preservation Thermos (bottle)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保温

  • 17 保留

    continue to have; retain; save; keep, hold (or keep) back; reserve; hang onto; hold on to, reservation
    * * *
    keep down; reserve; retain; save; withhold; reservation
    【计】 hold
    【化】 retention
    【医】 retention
    【经】 retain
    相关词组: 保留地
    * * *
    hold; keep down; preserving; reservation; reserve; save; withhold
    * * *
    n. preservation, retention, maintenance, reservation
    v. hold, keep, reserve, keep down, withhold, preserve, retain, maintain, save
    * * *
    bao3 liu2
    to retain, to continue to have, to preserve, to maintain, to reserve, reservations, to hold back (approval or acceptance)
    * * *
    bǎo liú
    (保存不变) continue to have; persist; retain:
    保留实力 preserve one's strength;
    他还保留着战争年代的革命朝气。 He still retains the revolutionary fervour of the war years.
    这座古建筑还保留着当年的面貌。 This ancient building still looks as it did originally.
    (暂时留着不处理) hold back; keep back; reserve:
    保留权利 reserve rights;
    持保留意见 have reservations;
    无保留地同意 agree unreservedly; agree without reservation
    保留程序 prewired program;
    保留带 leave strip;
    保留地 reservation;
    保留额 retention;
    保留复制 {生} conservative replication;
    保留工资 retained salaries;
    保留呼叫 camp-on;
    保留价格 reserve price; reservation price;
    保留进位加法器 carry-save adder;
    保留剧目 repertory; repertoire;
    保留类别 retention class;
    保留利息 reserved interest;
    保留名 nomina coservanda; nomen conservandum;
    保留区(磁盘的) reserved area;
    保留权利 rights reserved;
    保留权限 reserved authority;
    保留人 retainer;
    保留森林地 jungle reserve;
    保留时间 retention time;
    保留树 leave tree;
    保留锁闭 stick locking;
    保留锁定 stick locking;
    保留所有权 with retained ownership;
    保留体积 retention volume;
    保留条件 reserve; reservation;
    保留条款 reservation clause; reserve clause;
    保留温度 retention temperature;
    保留物 retention;
    保留责任 reserve liability;
    保留指数 retention index;
    保留追索权 reserve the right to recourse; under reserve;
    保留字 {计} reserved word;
    保留座 house seat
    * * *
    保留|保留 [bǎo liú] to retain to continue to have to preserve to maintain to reserve reservations to hold back (approval or acceptance)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保留

  • 18 保藏

    keep in store; preserve
    * * *
    preserve; keep in store; shut up
    【医】 preservation
    相关词组: 保藏的
    * * *
    conserve; entreasure; mothball; preserve; shut up
    * * *
    n. preservation, conservation, mothball
    v. preserve, conserve, shut up, keep in store, entreasure
    * * *
    bao3 cang2
    keep in store, preserve
    * * *
    bǎo cáng
    (藏起来以免损失和破坏) keep in store; preserve; preservatize:
    食品保藏 food preservation;
    保藏历史文物 preserve historic cultural relics;
    冰能帮助保藏食物。 Ice helps to preserve food.
    保藏处理 curing
    * * *
    保藏|保藏 [bǎo cáng] keep in store preserve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保藏

  • 19 保護

    protect; conserve; safeguard; conservation; guard; buffer; preserve; shield, protection
    * * *
    n. guardianship, custody, tutelage, tutelary, conservancy, conservation, aegis, egis, muniment, wardship, preservation, protection, safekeeping
    v. defend, sentinel, preserve, safeguard, shelter, cover, shield, protect, patronize
    * * *
    bao3 hu4
    to protect, to defend, to safeguard, protection, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    保護|保护 [bǎo hù] to protect to defend to safeguard protection CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保護

  • 20 储藏

    save and preserve; store; keep; hoard; house, deposit
    * * *
    keep; store; deposit; reposition; reservoir; storage
    【经】 reservoir
    相关词组: 储藏室
    * * *
    reposition; storage; store up
    * * *
    n. store, deposit, stockpile
    v. store, deposit, keep
    * * *
    chu3 cang2
    to store, deposit, (oil, mineral etc) deposits
    * * *
    chǔ cáng
    (保藏) save and preserve; store; keep; lay by:
    冷冻储藏 cold storage;
    蔬菜储藏 preservation of vegetables;
    这些蔬菜在摄氏20度以下的温度中能够很好地储藏。 These vegetables store well at temperatures below 20℃.
    (蕴藏) deposit:
    我国有丰富的石油储藏。 Our country abounds in oil deposits.
    储藏量 {矿} reserves; deposit;
    储藏品 stock;
    储藏室 bin; warehousing charges; stillroom; storeroom;
    储藏手段 a means of storage;
    储藏物 reserve; hoardings;
    储藏细胞 athrocyte
    * * *
    儲藏|储藏 [chǔ cáng] to store deposit (oil, mineral etc) deposits

    Chinese-English dictionary > 储藏

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  • Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve — The Laurance S. Rockefeller (LSR) Preserve is a 1,106 acre (4.476 km²) refuge within Grand Teton National Park on the southern end of Phelps Lake. The site was originally known as the JY Ranch, a dude ranch. Starting in 1927, John D. Rockefeller …   Wikipedia

  • List of Preserve America Communities — This is a list of United States municipalities, counties, neighborhoods, and tribal communities that have been designated as Preserve America Communities under the federal government s Preserve America program. As of August 2008, more than 500… …   Wikipedia

  • Funks Grove, Illinois — Funks Grove is a historic unincorporated community on U.S. Route 66 in McLean County, Illinois, United States southwest of Bloomington. The grove for which the settlement is named, Funk s Grove , is a National Natural Landmark.Natural… …   Wikipedia

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