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  • prep — prep·a·rate; prep·a·ra·tion; prep·a·ra·tion·ist; prep·o·si·tion; prep·o·si·tion·al; prep; prep·py; prep·o·si·tion·al·ly; prep·pi·ly; prep·pi·ness; …   English syllables

  • prep — /prep/, n., adj., v., prepped, prepping. n. 1. See preparatory school. 2. a preliminary or warm up activity or event; trial run: The race is a good prep for the Kentucky Derby. 3. preparation: dealer prep on the car included. 4. the act of… …   Universalium

  • Prep — may refer to: * P rep, a statistical value of the probability of replicating an observed effect * Prep , a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld * Prep, short form for a plasmid preparation (including minipreps and bulk preps) or the DNA prepared by such a… …   Wikipedia

  • prep — [ prep ] verb intransitive or transitive AMERICAN SPOKEN to prepare for something, or prepare someone for something: prep for: She s prepping for her exams. prep someone/something for something: They re prepping the patient for surgery now …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • prep — /prɛp/ (say prep) Colloquial –adjective 1. preparatory: a prep school; prep class. –noun 2. Chiefly Victoria and Tasmania a. a preparatory class. b. a child attending a preparatory class. 3. a preparatory school. 4. → preparation (def. 3) …   Australian English dictionary

  • prep — 1862, short for PREPARATION (Cf. preparation). Prep school attested from 1895, short for PREPARATORY (Cf. preparatory) school. First record of prep in the sense student or graduate of a preparatory school is from 1899. Variant form preppy is… …   Etymology dictionary

  • prep — prep1 [prep] adj. ☆ short for PREPARATORY [a prep school] vi. prepped, prepping ☆ 1. Informal to attend a preparatory school 2. to prepare oneself by study, training, etc. vt. ☆ to prepare (a person or thing) for something; specif., to prepare (a …   English World dictionary

  • prep|py — prep|pie or prep|py «PREHP ee», noun, plural pies. U.S. Slang. a student or graduate of a preparatory school: »No longer believe that Harvard students are all rich preppies tracing their Harvard histories back almost as far as the Saltonstalls …   Useful english dictionary

  • PReP — steht für PowerPC Reference Platform, siehe PowerPC Presequence Protease PreP ist ein mitochondriales und chloroplastisches Protein …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Prep — steht für PowerPC Reference Platform, siehe PowerPC Presequence Protease PreP ist ein mitochondriales und chloroplastisches Protein Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklärung zur Unterscheidung mehrerer mit demselben Wort be …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • prep. — prep. also prep BrE the written abbreviation of preposition …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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