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power plane

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  • Power plane — In printed circuit board (PCB) design, a power plane is the counterpart to the ground plane and behaves as an AC signal ground, whilst providing DC voltage for powering circuits mounted on the PCB. Uses Where possible it is good to have a power… …   Wikipedia

  • Plane of immanence — is a founding concept in the metaphysics or ontology of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Immanence, meaning existing or remaining within generally offers a relative opposition to transcendence, a divine or empirical beyond (constituting the… …   Wikipedia

  • Power Athlete — Power Moves Front cover of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of Power Athlete. Developer(s) Kaneko Publisher(s) Kaneko …   Wikipedia

  • power plant — n 1.) a building where electricity is produced to supply a large area = ↑power station 2.) the machine or engine that supplies power to a factory, plane, car etc …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • power reactor — power reactor, any one of several types of nuclear reactors used to produce power for generating heat or electricity, or operating a ship or plane …   Useful english dictionary

  • Plane (Magic: The Gathering) — In Magic: The Gathering, planes are parallel universes in the Multiverse (which used to be referred to as Dominia.) Planes are often confused with planets by Magic players, because most planes are named after their primary planets. The two main… …   Wikipedia

  • Power dividers and directional couplers — A 10 dB 1.7–2.2 GHz directional coupler. From left to right: input, coupled, isolated (terminated with a load), and transmitted port …   Wikipedia

  • Plane (tool) — A plane is a tool for shaping wood. Planes are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of lumber. Special types of planes are designed to cut joints or decorative mouldings.Hand planes are generally… …   Wikipedia

  • Plane of Shadow — The Plane of Shadow is a fictional plane of existence in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, under the standard planar cosmology.DescriptionThe Plane of Shadow is a dimly lit dimension that is both conterminous to and coexistent with the… …   Wikipedia

  • Power of a point — Figure 1. Illustration of the power of point P in the circle centered on the point O. The distance s is shown in orange, the radius r is shown in blue, and the tangent line segment PT is shown in red. In elementary plane geometry, the power of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Power MOSFET — A Power MOSFET is a specific type of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET) designed to handle large power. Compared to the other power semiconductor devices (IGBT, Thyristor...), its main advantages are high commutation speed …   Wikipedia

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