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pound (verb)

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  • pound up — verb shut up or confine in any enclosure or within any bounds or limits The prisoners are safely pounded • Syn: ↑pound • Derivationally related forms: ↑poundage (for: ↑pound) • Hypernyms: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • pound — Ⅰ. pound [1] ► NOUN 1) a unit of weight equal to 16 oz avoirdupois (0.4536 kg), or 12 oz troy (0.3732 kg). 2) (also pound sterling) (pl. pounds sterling) the basic monetary unit of the UK, equal to 100 pence. 3) another term for PUNT(Cf. ↑ …   English terms dictionary

  • pound off — verb partition off into compartments The locks pound the water of the canal • Syn: ↑pound • Hypernyms: ↑partition, ↑partition off • Verb Frames: Somebody s something …   Useful english dictionary

  • pound the table — verb a) Theres an old legal aphorism that goes, If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table. b) In financial circles, pounding the table… …   Wiktionary

  • pound into — ˈpound ˌinto [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they pound into he/she/it pounds into present participle pounding into past tense …   Useful english dictionary

  • pound sand — verb To engage in a futile activity. After he spoke, the boss basically told him to go pound sand. Syn: piss up a rope, painting rocks …   Wiktionary

  • pound the pavement — verb a) To travel on foot; to walk or run. The joggers pounded the pavement for several miles each day. b) To campaign diligently; to seek something, such as business, employment, or answers. After a brief and unsuccessful search, he decided it… …   Wiktionary

  • pound — Verb. To have vigorous sex …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • pound — I. /paʊnd / (say pownd) verb (t) 1. to strike repeatedly and with great force, as with an instrument, the fist, heavy missiles, etc. 2. to force (a way) by battering. 3. to crush by beating, as with an instrument; pulverise. –verb (i) 4. to… …   Australian English dictionary

  • pound — [[t]pa͟ʊnd[/t]] ♦ pounds, pounding, pounded 1) N COUNT: num N The pound is the unit of money which is used in Britain. It is represented by the symbol ₤. One British pound is divided into a hundred pence. Some other countries, for example Egypt,… …   English dictionary

  • pound — pound1 [ paund ] noun count *** 1. ) a unit for measuring weight, used in several countries including the U.S. and the U.K., containing 16 OUNCES and equal to 0.454 kilograms. Its written abbreviation is lb.: The baby weighed over 10 pounds. half …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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