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  • Potential theory — may be defined as the study of harmonic functions. Definition and comments The term potential theory arises from the fact that, in 19th century physics, the fundamental forces of nature were believed to be derived from potentials which satisfied… …   Wikipedia

  • Potential flow — streamlines around a NACA 0012 airfoil at 11° angle of attack, with upper and lower streamtubes identified. In fluid dynamics, potential flow describes the velocity field as the gradient of a scalar function: the velocity potential. As a result,… …   Wikipedia

  • Potential energy surface — A potential energy surface is generally used within the adiabatic or Born–Oppenheimer approximation in quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics to model chemical reactions and interactions in simple chemical and physical systems. The… …   Wikipedia

  • potential — 1. Capable of doing or being, although not yet doing or being; possible, but not actual. 2. A state of tension in an electric source enabling it to do work under suitable conditions; in relation to electricity, p. is analogous to the temperature… …   Medical dictionary

  • potential — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English potencial, from Late Latin potentialis, from potentia potentiality, from Latin, power, from potent , potens Date: 14th century 1. existing in possibility ; capable of development into actuality < potential… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Potential function — The term potential function may refer to:* A mathematical function whose values are a physical potential. * The class of functions known as harmonic functions, which are the topic of study in potential theory …   Wikipedia

  • Particle in a spherically symmetric potential — In quantum mechanics, the particle in a spherically symmetric potential describes the dynamics of a particle in a potential which has spherical symmetry. The Hamiltonian for such a system has the form:hat{H} = frac{hat{p}^2}{2m 0} + V(r)where m 0 …   Wikipedia

  • Executive functions — Psychology …   Wikipedia

  • Fine topology (potential theory) — In mathematics, in the field of potential theory, the fine topology is a natural topology for setting the study of subharmonic functions. In the earliest studies of subharmonic functions, only smooth functions were considered, namely those for… …   Wikipedia

  • Newtonian potential — In mathematics, the Newtonian potential or Newton potential is an operator in vector calculus that acts as the inverse to the negative Laplacian, on functions that are smooth and decay rapidly enough at infinity. As such, it is a fundamental… …   Wikipedia

  • Delta potential — The delta potential is a potential that gives rise to many interesting results in quantum mechanics. It consists of a time independent Schrödinger equation for a particle in a potential well defined by a Dirac delta function in one dimension. For …   Wikipedia

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