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  • Pockmark — Pock mark, n. A mark or pit made by smallpox. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pockmark — [n] pitlike scar blemish, cavity, crater, dent, dimple, pimple, welt, zit; concept 580 …   New thesaurus

  • pockmark — ► NOUN 1) a pitted scar or mark on the skin left by a pustule or spot. 2) a mark or pitted area disfiguring a surface. ► VERB ▪ cover or disfigure with pockmarks …   English terms dictionary

  • pockmark — [päk′märk΄] n. 1. a scar or pit in the skin left by a pustule, as of smallpox 2. any pit or mark suggestive of this vt. to pit, cover, or scar with pockmarks pockmarked adj …   English World dictionary

  • pockmark — UK [ˈpɒkˌmɑː(r)k] / US [ˈpɑkˌmɑrk] noun [countable] Word forms pockmark : singular pockmark plural pockmarks a small permanent mark on your skin that goes inwards, caused by a disease such as chickenpox or acne Derived word: pockmarked adjective …   English dictionary

  • pockmark — I. noun Date: circa 1673 a mark, pit, or depressed scar caused by smallpox or acne; also an imperfection or depression like a pockmark II. transitive verb Date: 1756 to cover with or as if with pockmarks ; pit …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Pockmark — This article is about acne scars. For the geological formation, see Pockmark (geology) Pockmarks are crater shaped scars on a person s face, usually the result of acne or infections such as chicken also* Pimple …   Wikipedia

  • Pockmark — Pockmarks sind kraterartige Vertiefungen am Boden von Meeren oder Seen mit 10–700 Metern Durchmesser und bis zu 45 Metern Tiefe[1], in Einzelfällen auch bis zu 1,5 Kilometern Durchmesser und mehr als 150 Metern Tiefe.[2] Pockmarks entstehen durch …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • pockmark — pockmarked, adj. /pok mahrk /, n. 1. Usually, pockmarks. scars or pits left by a pustule in smallpox or the like. 2. a small pit or scar: a tabletop full of pockmarks. v.t. 3. to mark or scar with or as with pockmarks: gopher holes pockmarking… …   Universalium

  • pockmark — noun A mark or scar in the skin caused by a pock …   Wiktionary

  • pockmark — The small depressed scar left after the healing of the smallpox pustule. * * * pock·mark päk .märk n a mark, pit, or depressed scar caused by smallpox or acne pock·marked adj * * * pock·mark (pokґmahrk) a depressed scar left by a pustule,… …   Medical dictionary

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