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  • Phrase (rapper) — Harley Webster (born 1981) better known as Phrase is an Australian hip hop MC, originating from Melbourne, Victoria.HistoryPhrase began to piece together an album with producers Daniel Merriweather and J Skub (Jan Skubiszewki), while working part …   Wikipedia

  • Phrase structure rules — are a way to describe a given language s syntax. They are used to break a natural language sentence down into its constituent parts (also known as syntactic categories) namely phrasal categories and lexical categories (aka parts of speech).… …   Wikipedia

  • Phrase completions — Phrase completion scales are a type of psychometric scale used in questionnaires. Developed in response to the problems associated with Likert scales, Phrase completions are concise, unidimensional measures that tap ordinal level data in a manner …   Wikipedia

  • phrase — phrase, idiom, expression, locution mean a group of words which, taken together, express a notion and may be used as a part of a sentence. Phrase may apply to a group of words which for one reason or another recurs frequently (as in the language… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Phrase structure grammar — has several different common meanings.In mathematics, in the area of formal language theory, it is often used as a synonym for context sensitive grammar, which uses phrase structure rules or rewrite rules. However, it is not a precise term, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Phrase chunking — is a natural language process that separates and segments sentences into its subconstituents, i.e. noun, verb and prepositional also*Terminology extraction *Part of speech taggingExternal links*… …   Wikipedia

  • also known as — I noun alias, also called, also identified as, also named, also referred to, assumed name, called, identification, identity, otherwise called, otherwise known, pseudonym II index alias Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • Phrase (music) — For other uses, see Phrase (disambiguation). In music and music theory, phrase and phrasing are concepts and practices related to grouping consecutive melodic notes, both in their composition and performance. A musical work is typically made up… …   Wikipedia

  • Phrase — For other uses, see Phrase (disambiguation). In everyday speech, a phrase may refer to any group of words. In linguistics, a phrase is a group of words which form a constituent and so function as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Phrase book — A phrase book is a collection of ready made phrases, usually for a foreign language along with a translation, indexed and often in the form of questions and answers. Structure While mostly thematically structured into several chapters like… …   Wikipedia

  • phrase — {{11}}phrase (n.) 1520s, manner or style of expression, also group of words with some unity, from L.L. phrasis diction, from Gk. phrasis speech, way of speaking, phraseology, from phrazein to express, tell, from phrazesthai to consider, of… …   Etymology dictionary

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