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  • pericemental — SYN: periodontal. * * * peri·ce·ment·al si ment əl adj 1) around the cement layer of a tooth 2) of, relating to, or involving the periodontal membrane …   Medical dictionary

  • pericemental — peri·ce·ment·al …   English syllables

  • pericemental — |perəsə̇|mentəl adjective Etymology: New Latin pericementum + English al 1. : around the cement layer of a tooth 2. : of, relating to, or involving the pericementum …   Useful english dictionary

  • pericementum — pericemental, adj. /per ee si men teuhm/, n. Dentistry. See periodontal membrane. [1895 1900; < NL; see PERI , CEMENTUM] * * * …   Universalium

  • Abscess — A local accumulation of pus anywhere in the body. The following are some examples of abscesses: {{}}A skin abscess is better known as a common boil; A peritonsillar abscess is a persistent collection of pus behind the tonsils; and A perianal… …   Medical dictionary

  • zona intermedia — Porción de las placas alar y basal del tubo neural del embrión que forma el surco limitante. Zona central del ligamento periodontal en desarrollo, situada entre la zona pericemental y la perióstica. Histológicamente, se caracteriza por la… …   Diccionario médico

  • Periodontal — The word periodontal literally means around the tooth. Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections that destroy the attachment fibers and supporting bone that hold the teeth in the mouth. Left untreated, these diseases can lead to tooth loss.… …   Medical dictionary

  • attachment — 1. A connection of one part with another. 2. In dentistry, a mechanical device for the fixation and stabilization of a dental prosthesis. bar clip attachments SYN: bar sleeve attachments …   Medical dictionary

  • pericementum — peri·ce·men·tum si ment əm n PERIODONTAL MEMBRANE * * * peri·ce·men·tum (per″e se menґtəm) periodontal ligament. pericemental adj …   Medical dictionary

  • pericementum — |perə+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from peri + cementum : the connective tissue membrane covering the cement layer of a tooth * * * pericemental, adj. /per ee si men teuhm/, n. Dentistry. See periodontal membrane. [ …   Useful english dictionary

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