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per person

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  • per — [pə, pɜː ǁ pər, pɜːr] preposition 1. for each: • an average beef cattle price of $74.20 per hundred pounds • The price tag is $1500 per square foot of retail space. • Earnings per share rose 12% to 31.3 pence. • The Japanese have in recent years… …   Financial and business terms

  • person — per|son [ pɜrsn ] noun count *** 1. ) an individual human, usually an adult. The plural is people, but in formal or official language the form persons is used: Tickets cost $50 per person. She s the type of person who is always happy to help out …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • PER — FINANCE abbreviation for price earnings ratio * * *    ► See P/E Ratio. * * * UK per UK US strong /pɜːr/ weak /pər/ preposition ► used when talking about prices, rates, etc …   Financial and business terms

  • Per capita — is a Latin phrase meaning for each head with Per meaning through or by ...and... capita (sg.: caput) meaning heads . Both words together equate to the phrase for each head .It is usually used in the field of statistics to indicate the average per …   Wikipedia

  • Per Capita — A Latin term that translates into by head, basically meaning average per person. Often the term is used to express a country or region s income level. For example, consider a fictional region that has a collective income of $1 000 000 and 20… …   Investment dictionary

  • per — /perr/; unstressed /peuhr/, prep. 1. for each; for every: Membership costs ten dollars per year. This cloth is two dollars per yard. 2. by means of; by; through: I am sending the recipe per messenger. 3. according to; in accordance with: I… …   Universalium

  • per capita — 1. adjective a) per person b) shared equally among all individuals 2. adverb a) per person b) equally among all individuals …   Wiktionary

  • per — preposition /pɜː(ɹ),pɝ/ a) for each Admission is £10 per person. b) used in expressing ratios of units miles per gallon See Also: per , perfect, perfection, perplex …   Wiktionary

  • per capita consumption — the amount of fish eaten per person in a given area or country, usually on an annual basis …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Person — • Discusses (1) the definition of person , especially with reference to the doctrine of the Incarnation; and (2) the use of the word persona and its Greek equivalents in connection with the Trinitarian disputes. Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • per stirpes — per stir·pes /pər stər pēz, per stir pās/ adv or adj [Latin, by familial stocks]: by right of representation the estate was divided per stirpes used of a method of distributing an esp. intestate estate compare per capita ◇ Per stirpes… …   Law dictionary

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