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parasitic castration

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  • parasitic castration — Pertaining to the suppression or destruction of gonads by parasites; first used regarding Crustacea; individual parasitic castration; see social parasitic castration …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • parasitic castration — noun : inhibition of function or development of gonads by infestation of a host with parasites …   Useful english dictionary

  • social parasitic castration — (ARTHROPODA: Insecta) Pertaining to a Formicidae colony becoming parasitic on another colony of a different species and eliminating the reproductives of it s host colony …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • Castration — The Castration of Uranus: fresco by Vasari Cristofano Gherardi (c. 1560, Sala di Cosimo I, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence). Not to be confused with Penectomy or Penis removal. Castration (also referred to as gelding, spa …   Wikipedia

  • Parasitoid — SEM image of endoparasitoid ciliates of the genus Collinia, which can cause mass mortality in affected krill populations A parasitoid is an organism that spends a significant portion of its life history attached to or within a single host… …   Wikipedia

  • Parasitism — This article is about relationship between organisms. For other uses, see Parasite (disambiguation). Brood parasitism is a form of parasitism Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism …   Wikipedia

  • Cerithidea californica — A shell of Cerithidea californica Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • Microphallus — For the medical condition of having an unusually small penis, see micropenis. Microphallus Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Platyhelminthes C …   Wikipedia

  • barnacle — barnacle1 barnacled, adj. /bahr neuh keuhl/, n. 1. any marine crustacean of the subclass Cirripedia, usually having a calcareous shell, being either stalked (goose barnacle) and attaching itself to ship bottoms and floating timber, or stalkless… …   Universalium

  • Microsporidia — Sporoblast of Fibrillanosema crangonycis Scientific classification …   Wikipedia

  • Зюганов, Валерий Валерьевич — В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с такой фамилией, см. Зюганов. Зюганов Валерий Валерьевич Дата рождения …   Википедия

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