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  • paramātmā — name (Paramātmā), term (paramātmā) the Supersoul situated in the hearts of all living entities as a witness and source of remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. ✍ Names related to the material world, like Brahman, Paramātmā and Jagadīśa, are… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • Paramatma — En el marco de la mitología hindú, Paramātman o Paramātmā es una expansión de Vishnú que se encuentra en el corazón de cada ser vivo. Vishṇú (que es idéntico a Paramātman). Pintura (1730) que se encuentra en The Government Museum and Art Gallery… …   Wikipedia Español

  • paramátma — परमत्म …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Параматма — (Paramatma) Верховная атма, которая, разумеется, не отделяется и не различается с атмой, или дживатмой (см.). Понятие возникло по той причине, что люди очень часто используют термин атма для обозначения высшего и даже низшего Я, ни одно из… …   Словарь йоги

  • Paramatman — In Hindu theology, Paramatman or Paramātmā is the Absolute Atman or Supreme Soul or Spirit (also known as Supersoul or Oversoul ) in the Vedanta and Yoga philosophies of India. Paramatman is one of the aspects of Brahman. Paramatman is situated… …   Wikipedia

  • Para Tattva — is a Sanskrit phrase meaning “Supreme Truth,” as studied, realized, worshipped and revealed by the saints of India s Vedic tradition. The root tat is equivalent to the English word “that,” while the suffix tva is used like our suffix “ ness,”… …   Wikipedia

  • God Speaks — Infobox Book name = God Speaks image caption = Book cover author = Meher Baba cover artist = country = United States language = English genre = publisher = Dodd, Mead and Company release date = 1955 media type = Print (Hardback) pages = isbn =… …   Wikipedia

  • Narayana — For twin avatars of Vishnu, see Nara Narayana. Lakshmi with Vishnu Narayana at Vaikuntha Narayana (Sanskrit: नारायण; nārāyaṇa;Kannada: ನಾರಾಯಣ;Telugu: నారాయణ; …   Wikipedia

  • Madhwas — (or Madhvas) is the name given to a community of Brahmin caste of India, whose members follow the doctrine of Dvaita or Dualism as codified by Acharya Madhwa.Dvaita means Jeevatma and Paramatma are different, but both Jeevathma and Paramatma are… …   Wikipedia

  • Tat Tvam Asi — (Sanskrit: तत् त्वम् असि or तत्त्वमसि), a Sanskrit sentence, translating variously to Thou art that, That thou art, or You are that, is one of the Mahāvākyas (Grand Pronouncements) in Vedantic Hinduism. It originally occurs in the Chandogya… …   Wikipedia

  • O Parvardigar — Studio album EP by Pete Townshend Released 2001 (United Kingdom) Genre …   Wikipedia

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