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  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ adv. Painlessly is used with these verbs: ‚ÜĎremove ‚Ķ   Collocations dictionary

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ painless ‚Ėļ ADJECTIVE 1) not causing pain. 2) involving little effort or stress. DERIVATIVES painlessly adverb painlessness noun ‚Ķ   English terms dictionary

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ adverb without pain after the surgery, she could move her arms painlessly ‚ÄĘ Ant: ‚ÜĎpainfully ‚ÄĘ Derived from adjective: ‚ÜĎpainless ‚Ķ   Useful english dictionary

  • Painlessly ‚ÄĒ Painless Pain less, a. Free from pain; without pain. {Pain less*ly}, adv. {Pain less*ness}, n. [1913 Webster] ‚Ķ   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ adverb see pain I ‚Ķ   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ See painless. * * * ‚Ķ   Universalium

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ adverb In a painless manner ‚Ķ   Wiktionary

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ pe√Ȭ™nl√Ȭ™sl√Ȭ™ adv. without pain or discomfort ‚Ķ   English contemporary dictionary

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ pain¬∑less¬∑ly ‚Ķ   English syllables

  • painlessly ‚ÄĒ See: painless ‚Ķ   English dictionary

  • painless ‚ÄĒ painlessly, adv. painlessness, n. /payn lis/, adj. 1. without pain; causing little or no pain: painless dentistry; a painless cure. 2. Informal. not difficult; requiring little or no hard work or exertion. [1560 70; PAIN + LESS] * * * ‚Ķ   Universalium

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